Mental health and confidence - priorities for the girls of Generation Z

INTIMINA surveyed more than 2,000 girls to find out what they want and need

 Mental health and confidence - priorities for the girls of Generation Z

INTIMINA surveyed more than 2,000 girls to find out what they want and need

NEW YORK, PRNewswire -- In a time when Gen Z has become the focal point for numerous brands, there is a prevalent assumption that we understand how these young individuals think and what matters most to them. Gen Z is driven by purpose and world change. They are socially conscious and aim for success. As an intimate health brand, INTIMINA wanted to find out more about what young girls and women need and want in the complex tapestry of their lives - and has asked them directly.

The results gave us a peek into the perspectives of young women belonging to Gen Z (13-20 years old), showing us what's important to them and their aspirations and providing valuable insights that might assist parents in better understanding and supporting their daughters.

INTIMINA's survey conducted on 2,003 girls aged 13-20 in the UK, Italy, France and Spain, shows that the most important aspects of life for Gen Z girls are confidence (63%) and mental health (62%), followed by body image (47%) and successful career (45%).

Mental health takes center stage for Gen Z girls, highlighting its significance in shaping their well-being and life experiences. For the surveyed girls, the best way of maintaining positive mental health is by talking to friends (60%), talking to family (51%), physical exercise (47%), and creative activities (art, writing etc.) (31%), seeking professional help when needed (22%) and talking to teachers, school counselors or mentors (14%).

Gen Z girls know they need many things to feel good about themselves. Whether it's a confidence boost or embracing a positive body image, they're looking for different sources to help them out. Mostly, they turn to friends (54%) and parents or family members (46%). Many find confidence in their personal achievements (38%) and positive affirmations (32%). Still, social media (26%) and role models (16%) play a significant role in helping girls feel confident and positive about their bodies, influencing how they perceive themselves in today's interconnected world.

Periods are a normal part of life, but there's still a lot of hush-hush around them. For Gen Z girls, it's essential to chat about how they feel talking about periods and break those taboos. INTIMINA's survey shows that there is a general openness towards this topic for young women, and 22% of respondents say menstruation is openly discussed, and they feel comfortable talking about it with everyone. 19% say that sometimes it's openly discussed, while other times, it's considered taboo. Many respondents (19%) appreciate the openness about menstruation in their social circles and feel at ease discussing it. Still, 11% feel menstruation is a private matter and should be discussed discreetly, while 11% think there is room for improvement in breaking the taboo around menstruation. Only 6% say menstruation is still seen as a taboo in their circles, and open discussions are limited.

Intimina's survey also shows what kinds of content or support girls find helpful in dealing with their current needs and concerns. 51% turn to conversations with family and friends, and 33% find support in personal stories and experiences others share. 31% use educational resources such as books, articles, short videos, or webinars. 27% use access to mental health resources and tools. 19% choose interactive workshops or events focused on well-being and self-development and 19% visit online forums and communities for open discussions.

In conclusion, it is reassuring and comforting, especially for parents, to witness the awareness among young women regarding the significance of a positive attitude towards themselves, their bodies, and good mental health. This heightened self-awareness is a promising foundation for their growth into happy and confident individuals.

Encouraging open discussions within families about the mental and physical changes that girls and young women undergo is crucial for maintaining mental health. Equally important are conversations with partners and fostering an environment that promotes communication. Furthermore, incorporating physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle is key to nurturing overall well-being. As we collectively embrace these principles, we contribute to a future where young women flourish with resilience, confidence, and a genuine sense of well-being.

Censuswide conducted the research on behalf of Intimina with 2,003 girls, aged 13-20 in the UK, Italy, France and Spain in January 2024.

Established in 2009, Intimina is Swedish brand complete line of products for women's intimate well-being. With three care ranges - Menstrual Care, Pelvic Floor Strengthening, and Feminine Wellness - Intimina has products for women of all ages. Every product is made from the highest quality body-safe materials, and has been designed and tested with the support of a worldwide group of medical consultants and gynecologists.

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