Conversations With The Citizen

Joseph Williams for State Rep. 56th District

Joining us for today's episode is Joseph Williams. Williams no stranger to the show stop by today to talk about his bid for political office of the 6th District. Joseph is the founder of Mr. Dad's Father's Club. Joseph believes that because of his outreach efforts coupled with his ability to organize and to be held accountable shows the characteristics of a candidate that will work for the people. He is encouraging voters to get out and vote in the March 16th Primary. Listen in now and hear what he has to say...

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Joy V. Cunningham

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Joy V. Cunningham joined us today for another episode of "Conversations With The Citizen". Justice Cunningham was appointed in 2022 to fill a vacancy. Before becoming a sitting justice on Illinois Supreme Court, she was an Appellate Court Judge for 16 years. With a back ground in Nursing the Judge has proven that she has a personal care for people. In March the Justice needs your votes to continue the fight to ensure equal justice for all in Illinois. Cunningham was the first Black women from Cook County to serve as Judge on Illinois Supreme Court.

Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry R. Rogers Jr.

Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry R. Rogers Jr. has served Cook County's 3rd District for 20 years. Rogers talks to us about the duties of his office and that he encourage businesses as well as private property owners to file property tax appeals annually.

Author Diane Johnson

"Conversations with the Citizen" welcomes Author Diane E. Johnson to this weeks episode. Diane created Diane's Medical and Dental Health Journal as a way to keep track of medical and dental visits so people can take control of their health journey.

IL 38th District Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin

Conversation with the Citizen welcomes, Debbie Meyers Martin Illinois State Representative for the 38th District. Martin serves nine municipalities in the Southland. She is the past village president and trustee of Olympia Fields; president, South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association to list a few. Meyers serves on many councils in Illinois. Since taking office in 2019, she have been busy putting in the work sponsoring and supporting bills that protects all of Illinoisians. She has a passion for what she does. She has passed and supported legislation that aids Mental Health traumas to Financial security for consumers.

Dr. Johnnie Thomas

Dr. Johnnie Thomas joined us in the studio as our first guest of 2024. Dr. Thomas is the Superintendent of Rich Township High School District 227. The School District has a STEM Campus and a Fine Arts and Communications Campus. The School District is setting trends in the South Suburbs. They are providing a quality education for their youth by providing an excellent path way for life beyond high school.

Fifth Ward Alderman Desmond Yancy

Alderman Desmon Yancy has been representing the Fifth Ward since he was sworn-in in May. The Ward encompasses South Shore, Greater Grand Crossing, Woodlawn and Hyde Park. Yancy is committed to keeping the community engaged and wants to ensure their voices are heard as the ward enters a transition of large scale development.

The Pierce Twins

The Pierce Twins joined us this week for another episode of Conversations with the Citizen. Kyra and Phallon Pierce, known as the Pierce Twins, are the founder of Positive Change Charities. Their mission of getting books by and about diverse people into the hands of school-aged children has been a success thus far. Giving thousands of books away to date. The girls are recipients of a State of Illinois Grant of a $100,000. Funds from the grant will be used towards their goal of giving away 100,000 books.

Leon Walker DL3 Realty Advisors

Leon Walker of DL3 Realty Advisors joined us in studio today for another episode of "Conversations With The Citizen". Leon is the Founder and CEO of DL3 Realty Advisors. Walker believes you can do well by doing good. Walker has been very busy working across Chicago building building and creating jobs and initiatives that will help those in the Black and brown community to realize their dreams.

Nicole Taylor- One Goal

Nicole Taylor Joins us for this week's Conversation with the Citizen. Nicole Taylor is the Director of Site Director Coaching on the National Program Team at One Goal. Taylor spent years working with CPS and Charter Schools.