Conversations With The Citizen

Ahmand Smith

Joining us today for an episode of "Conversations With The Citizen", is Ahmand Smith. Ahmand is an entrepreneur and author of "Kodi Blackman The Eclipse," a book about a young Black man who discovers that he is a superhero. It is the first in a series of books. The book is available on Amazon and other places where books are sold.

Hazel Crust Mayor Vernard Alsberry

Conversations with the Citizen Welcomes Vernard Alsberry to today's episode. Mayor Alsberry is the president of the Village of Hazel Crest. He is running for the 5th District Cook County Commissioner seat. Alsberry looks to fill the vacant seat of Commissioner Deborah Sims. Petitions for candidates began on Thursday, Jan. 13, and continue through Monday, March 14.

Blues Man, Fernando Jones

Fernando Jones, the Blues man, visited "Conversations with the Citizen" as our guest to close of the holiday season of 2021. Fernando is the founder of Blues Camp International. Jones founded the free blues camp in 2010 and hosts it locally on the campus of Columbia College Chicago, where he is an adjunct professor in the music department.

Greg "Olskool Ice-Gre" Lewis

"Conversations with the Citizen", Welcomes Greg "Olskool Ice-Gre" Lewis today for a conversation. Lewis is in concert today at the Promontory. Greg Lewis, known as Olskool Ice-Gre, one half of the Adult Hip Hop group Abstract Mindstate. He talks about Hip Hop, how he met his partner EP Da Hellcat, working with Kanye West and his book, "I Refuse to Quit: The Autobiography of a Dreamer."

Bally's Corporation Plans For Chicago Gaming

Conversations with the Citizen Welcomed Christopher Jewett, Director of Corporate Development at Bally's Corporation. Christopher sits down with us to discuss what it would mean for Chicagoan's if Bally's comes to town. Bally's currently have a proposal on the table to bring gaming to Chicago. This project brings with it Jobs, Partnerships, Community Investments and Economic Growth for the City. Listen to what Christopher had to say.

Nicole Murray of Agape Creative Boutique

Nicole Murray of Agape Creative Boutique, Agape Collective and curator of Kulture Museum joined us in the studio to talk about working with creative professionals who share her same vision, mission and alignment.

Representative LaShawn K. Ford

Rep. Ford joined "Conversations With the Citizen to discuss the importance of returning the Census forms and the effects it can have on Remaps and Resources for the state.


Vondale Singleton joined 'Conversations with the Citizen" to discuss why Mentorship programs for young Males are important. The CHAMPS organization believes that “ Every young man is born to win in every situation in life, no excuses".

Girls Like Me Me Found

"Conversations With The Citizen" Welcomes, LaKeisha Gray Sewell of Girls Lime Me Project. Gray- Sewell began the Girls Like Me Project after volunteering in her son’s classroom in 2008. She observed the young girls in the class were exhibiting negative behavior. She decided to host a ladies’ lunch for the girls, who were in fourth grade, as a way to break up the mean girl behavior and develop a sense of responsibility and love for each other.

Commisioner Deborah Sims and Monica Morgan

Here with us today live in the "Conversations With The Citizen" studio is Commissioner Deborah Sims and a Cook County Commissioner candidate Monica Morgan. Morgan sits on the Board of Director for Prairie State College and a part of Sister's of the Southland. Commission Sims is here to let voters in cook county know that she has serve Cook County Government for the last 27 years and now it is time to retire. Before she leaves she wants voters to support Monica Morgan as the Black Young woman to replace her. Monica is ready and ready to do the work.