Conversations With The Citizen

Cardiac Jump Starters

Joining us today in our studio is Christina Bolton Taylor. Taylor the CEO of Cardiac Jump Starters, a mobile CPR and First Aid Training business, started in 2021. Christina have 24 yrs of Nursing under her belt, after a personal experience she found that need to teach as many people as possible about the importance of knowing how to perform CPR. Cardiac Jump Starters brings the training service to you. Reach them by visiting

County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle join us today for "Conversations with the Citizen". President Preckwinkle talks to us about her start in politics and how the Cook County Board are providing resources for its residents but not limited to just providing quality healthcare.

Yani Mason Girls Inc. Chicago

Yani Mason Join us for this week's episode of "Conversations With The Citizen". Yani is the CEO of Girls Inc of Chicago, founded in 2017 as part of Girls Inc, a national organization that helps young girls to embrace their higher potential. Girls Inc. connects young girls current experiences to their future life goals. Girls Inc of Chicago has programs in six schools throughout the city of Chicago during school and after school. If you are looking for something for your daughter during the Summer Break, connect with GIC by visiting their website at:

Rachel Pyon- Chicago Future Fund

Rachel Pyon, Manager of The Chicago Future Fund. Joined us today for "Conversations With The Citizen. Pyon spoke on The Chicago Future Fund as being one of the Intiative offered through E.A.T. CFF is Changing the narrative of how citizens across Illinois receive services, from returning citizens to those who have experienced incarnation for low level cannabis offenses etc. Tune in and listen to Pyon discuss the services offer through The Chicago Future Fund.

Delmarie Cobb- Political Strategist

Delmarie Cobb is a longtime political strategist who has worked on local as well as national campaigns. She worked for The Rev. Jesse Jackson, David Orr, Bobby Rush and Hilary Clinton to name a few. Prior to becoming involved in politics, she was a journalist.

City Treasurer- Melissa Conyears-Ervin

"Conversations With The Citizen" welcomes, Melissa Conyears-Ervin to the show. Conyears-Ervin is the City Treasurer for the City of Chicago. She was recently re-elected to her second term in office. Prior to being elected as City Treasurer in 2019, she was an Illinois State Representative for the 10th District, between 2017-2019. Conyears join us to talk about the different initiatives that are available through her office. Conyears is big on teaching Chicagoans how to build generational wealth through homeownership. For more information visit her office at:

21st and 34th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Cornell Dantzler

Chicago Aldermanic Run-off Election Heats Up with less than 30 days before decision day 2023. Cornell Dantzler is seeking to become the next alderman of the 21st Ward replacing retiring Alderman Howard Brookins. Dantzler has been a resident of the Morgan Park/West Pullman area for more than 55 years. Although the ward boundaries are expanding to cover the 21 ward and parts of the now the old 34th Ward. Dantzler feels he have put in the work, knows what the community needs are , walked the streets, alleys and talked with the people. Dantzler promises to not be an island person and make himself available for the ward residence and business owners at all times. On day one Dantzler says he will go to work for the constituents.

Joseph Williams-CPDC Member

Conversations with the Citizen welcomes, Joseph Williams to the show. Joseph who is the Founder and Executive Director of Mr. Dad’s Father’s Club, was recently elected as a member of the 7th District for the Chicago Police District Councils. Williams share with us what this new Council position means for Police Districts across the city.

Felicia Davis-Blakley

Felicia Davis Blakley is the President and CEO of Chicago Foundation for Women. She has worked in law enforcement, higher education administration, as well as in the Mayor's office during the Rahm Emmanuel administration. She has a passion for transforming the lives of other people.

Harvey Mayor Christopher Clark

"Conversations with the Citizen", Welcomes Harvey's Mayor Christopher Clark. Mayor Clark is a 53 year resident and will soon complete his first term in office. Clark is seeking re-election Mayor Clark admits that Harvey needs improvement and that he is working towards putting their financial house in order so that issues can be address. It takes money... Harvey don't have a spending problem it lack funds. Tune in and listen to what the Mayor says about his town.