Conversations With The Citizen

The LUV Institute

Cosette Nazon-Wilburn is a humanitarian at heart. She was blessed with having parents who were committed to transforming a community. She wanted to do the same. It led her to create The LUV Institute, which stands for Love, Unity and Values. The LUV Institute was founded by Nazon-Wilburn on January 16, 2012. At the core of what the LUV Institute does is a socioemotional approach to college and career readiness for young men and women of color who have experienced some level of trauma.

Local Development Business' goal is to impact the community economically

Amanda Henderson CEO of H & H Fast Properties wants to make an economic difference. She decided to go into real estate after years of works in academia. Henderson, who holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. The business that she heads was founded by her father Ray Henderson. The business renovates and revitalizes vacant and distressed properties in Illinois.

Raymond A. Thomas

Artist and Brand Creator Raymond A. Thomas joined Conversations with the Citizen to talk about his brand Heroism that celebrate the lives of African -American Legendary Heroes. Thomas shared how he got his start with Johnson Publishing Company. Thomas is apart of the 2021 Bronzeville Art District Tour "Our Tomorrow Happened Yesterday".

Local Eyebrow Icon Focuses On Inner Beauty

LaGena Cain is the owner of Poise Beauty sits down with "Conversations With The Citizen to discuss why ones inner beauty is just as important as their outer beauty. Poise Beauty is a lifestyle brand and cosmetic company. Cain grew up in the beauty world. Her aunt named her first salon after her. “Growing up and seeing women pamper themselves and how they focused on their outer beauty and look beautiful, I think part of my life, I just got focused on just wanting to tap into the inner part of us,” she said.

"I Play Games"

Kevin Fair CEO and owner of "I Play Games", always enjoyed playing video games and making friends while playing them. He turned that love of playing video games into a business, I Play Games.

Oooh Wee! It is Restaurant Expands Its Brant

Walker sits down with "Conversation with the Citizen", to discuss the expansion of his brand and how he got starting in the business seven years ago. This expansion will move the brand into more diverse communities attracting a new customer base while serving people who enjoy southern style eating. Oooh Wee is set to open Two new locations this year. One is in Beverly at 111th and Longwood, and one in Wicker Park, North Ave. and Damen.

Park Ranger Terri Gage Talks About Planned Festivities For Pullman Historical Monument

Teri Gage is the superintendent of the Pullman National Monument. She has worked for the National Park Service for 33 years and for the last 15 months Gage has been at the Pullman National Monument. The Pullman National Monument tells the story of the important events that took place there that shaped American history – industrialization, rail travel, labor rights and civil rights.


Stacy Jackson, executive director of Chicago Lights, has been with the organization for 25 years. She has served as Associate Executive Director and Director of the Tutoring and Summer Day programs. She has seen some of the most vulnerable communities in Chicago affected by the housing crisis, Polar Vortex and COVID-19.

Robbins Native Changes The Face Of The Concert Industry

Robbins Former Resident Percy Scott Changes The Face Of The Concert Industry During COVID-19 Percy Scott is a product of Robbins Illinois. He was raised by his mother and his community. His mother encouraged him to trust his community to help him to achieve the things he wanted.

Greenwood Archer Capital President Erica King

The President of Greenwood Archer Capital, Erica King joined us recently for an episode of "Conversations with The Citizen". Erica talk the how the name change coincides with Chicago's Black Wall Street. Greenwood Archer Capital is a Community Development Financial Institution that provides loans and grants to small business owners.