Conversations With The Citizen

227-Dr. Johnnie Thomas

Dr. Johnnie Thomas, Superintendent of Rich Township High School District 227. Thomas joined "Conversations with the Citizen to discuss the many things that are going on out in his district. He was really happy about an and initiative that district had the opportunity of being part of. This initiative help to bridge the digital divide for many students in the Southland particularly in his district. The Project 10,000, is the partnership formed between District 227 and T-Mobile. Thomas says it was a digital game changer for Rich Township.

Morgan Malone

Conversations with the Citizen welcomes Morgan Malone. Malone is a social impact designer and economic development practitioner. Malone is a real estate advisory, she has worked in neighborhoods and non-profits and most recently, she managed the Michael Reese Redevelopment project.

16th Ward Alerman Stephanie Coleman

Conversations With The Citizen welcomes 16th Ward Alderman Stephanie D. Coleman for this weeks discussion. With only 40 days left before election day 2023 in Chicago the Alderman join us to talk about what she is doing and what she want to see in her Wards. Coleman Ward covers, Englewood, West Englewood, Chicago Lawn and New City. She has been the Alderman since 2019 and hopes to return for another term on Feb. 28th.

Candidate for 21st Ward Alderman Daliah Goree G

Daliah Goree joined "Conversation with the Citizen" to discuss her run for 21st Ward Alderman. Goree has been a Police Officer for 24 years. She is running for 21st Ward Alderman. She understand that she must be present in the community and if she wants to win the race she can not wait on anyone , she must get out and do the work. She also owns a nonprofit, I Am Love, where she has helped the elderly with varies resources, distributed food during the pandemic and toys during Christmas.

Brandon Johnson-Candidate for Mayor 2023

The Race For Chicago's Fifth Floor Is On!...Joining Us This Week Is Brandon Johnson, Candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago. Johnson currently serves as Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District. Brandon chat with Conversations With The Citizen about why he decided to run for Mayor. The only Preachers Kid (PK), in the race. He is committed to the serving the people. He will tell the story of people with lived experience.

Pilar Audain-Truthy Racial Healthing And Transformation

Joining us for "Conversations With The Citizen is Pilar Audain. Pilar is the Associate Director of Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation of Greater Chicago and the founder of the Wrap Your beYouty Movement. She does healing work with traumatized communities across the City of Chicago.

Totally Positive Productions- TaJudeena Jones

Tajudeena Jones of TPP joined us this week for "Conversations With The Citizen". Tajudeena Jones founded Totally Positive Productions in August 1993 after being led by God in a dream. The organization aims to provide positive reinforcement to young people and adults through creative expression.

McCaskill Anthony- Candidate for Harvey's Mayor

Anthony McCaskill, a long time resident of Harvey, eyes Mayoral seat in 2023. McCaskill have a history working in local government believes that he have a plan to make the change that Harvey needs to see. He has a plan to fight crime and grow towns population as well as economy. If elected McCaskill says his salary as Mayor will be given back to pay water bills for Harvey seniors.

Roderick Drew- HNTB

Joining us for Conversations with the Citizen this week is Roderick Drew. Drew is the Associate Vice President of HNTB, a transportation and engineering firm that is headquartered in Kansas, with ties to Chicago. Drew talks about the Illinois Toll way System and other programing and critical thinking that needs to be done when we look at the varies construction projects and major infrastructure changes that will occur soon and in future years to come.

Ebony Westbrooks- Nia Family Center

Ebony Westbrooks joined Conversations with the Citizen in the studio to talk about Nia Family Center. Ebony Westbrooks is the Site Director for Nia Family Center, with Chicago Commons. Westbrooks has been with Chicago Commons for more than 20 years. She was a parent with students attending the school and she was very impressed that she would become a Teacher there and is now Site Director at Nia Family Center.