Conversations With The Citizen

Epic High School Principal- Dr. Mathews

Dr. Kyla Mathews joined us today for an episode of "Conversations With The Citizen. Dr. Mathews is the principal at Epic Academy High School, located at 8255 S. Houston. Mathews is a doctoral graduate of the Urban Education Leadership program at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Wheeler Coleman- EC-United

Wheeler Coleman is the CEO and Executive Partner of Executive Consultants United. He founded the MBE consulting and technology firm in Chicago. In less than six years, the company has grown from one employee to 16 employees. Coleman also has a commitment to community improvement and education.

Todd Belcore of Social Change

Todd Belcore of Social Change joined us for a conversation to discuss their upcoming Film Festival. Social Change is a nonprofit organization that was co-founded by Todd Belcore in 2012. Social Change mission is to responds to community’s needs and it works to change legislation and do liberty and justice work.

Chicago Integrated Health- Iris Patterson

Conversations with the Citizen welcomes Iris Nichole Patterson to this weeks episode. Iris is a Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist (LCMT), whose specialty is Neuromuscular Therapy. Iris treats underlying medical conditions using a combined treatment of Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy to release areas of stress and strain. Iris is a 10 year veteran and graduate of The Soma Institute in Chicago. Iris shares with our audience how different methods of therapy could be key to a individual healing. If you are interested in learning more visit her at:

Ahmadou Drame of IJP

Ahmadou Drame is the Program Director at Illinois Justice Project. He is part of the 2023 Class of Leadership Greater Chicago's Signature Fellows Program. Ahmadou joined us for this weeks episode of "Conversations With The Citizen", to discuss the works that the IJP is doing in the state of Illinois to promote public safety for the Citizen's of Illinois.

Britney Robbins- Gray Matter Experience

Joining us in studio today is Britney Robbins, Founder of Gray Matter Experience. Gray Matter Experience is a non-profit organization based here in the City of Chicago. Now with 6 years in history books, The Gray Matter Experience Organization has given youth the opportunity of being exposed to entrepreneurship. GME have many success stories to share about youth who have come through the program and added valuable knowledge to launch their own entrepreneurship careers in the future. Visit their website to find out more at:

Chicago Beyond- Dr. Maurice Swinney

"Conversations with the Citizen" welcomes Dr. Maurice Swinney to today's episode. Dr. Swinney is the CIO for Chicago Beyond. Who is Chicago Beyond ? Chicago Beyond, an impact investor that works to ensure all young people have the opportunity to live a free and full life. Listen in to find out more about Dr. Swinney and what he do.

Dr. Kimberly Hollingsworth- Olive Harvey

Dr. Kimberly Hollingsworth, President of Olive Harvey College of Chicago, joined us at the table to discuss available program at her campus. Check out want she had to say.

CDPH- Dr. Candice Robinson

Dr. Candice Robinson of the CDPH join us today to talk about the needed vaccinations before children return to the classrooms. Dr. Robinson talked about Monkey Pox, COVID shots and overall importance of having your children properly immunized and encouraged parents to start regular bed-time partners to help make this year a successful school year when class returns.


Conversations with the Citizen welcomes Vershawn Sanders-Ward to this weeks episode. Vershawn joined us to discuss Red Clay Dance Company. Red Clay prepares for "Paint The Town Red" celebration, to celebrate their 14th year Anniversary. Vershawn calls herself a Artivism with a passion for dance. Vershawn has traveled the country performing and teaching others to the art and cultural of African Diaspora.