Rucker Roots Elevates Natural Hair Care Availability in Select Walmart Stores

Rucker Roots
Rucker Roots


Rucker Roots Elevates Natural Hair Care Availability in Select Walmart Stores

CHARLOTTE, N.C., PRNewswire -- Rucker Roots, a leader in natural and effective hair care solutions, is thrilled to announce its debut in select Walmart stores across the United States. This launch marks a significant milestone for Rucker Roots, introducing its beloved product line to Walmart customers and highlighting a shared commitment to offering superior hair care options. This initiative is set to bring the brand's acclaimed products to a broader audience, featuring the same trusted formulations that customers have come to love.

Ellen and Ione Rucker, the dynamic sisters behind Rucker Roots, are excited about this new venture. "Launching our line within Walmart's beauty aisles is a dream come true," says Ellen Rucker. "It's an incredible opportunity to reach more individuals seeking high-quality, natural hair care products and to further our mission of promoting natural beauty through the efficacy of root-derived ingredients."

Showcasing Popular Products With New Availability:

Smoothing Sulfate-Free Shampoo (8 oz) - $13.99: Cleanses gently while maintaining hair's natural moisture balance, infused with natural root extracts for a healthy shine.

Leave-In Heat Protectant (4 oz) - $12.99: Offers robust protection against heat damage, providing essential moisture and nutrients to keep hair looking and feeling healthy.

Define and Stretch Curl Custard (8 oz) - $13.99: Delivers long-lasting curl definition and moisture, ensuring curls remain vibrant and frizz-free.

Detangling Conditioner (8 oz) - $13.99: Simplifies the detangling process, strengthens hair, minimizes breakage, and ensures smooth, manageable locks.

"This launch signifies our budding partnership with Walmart and our mutual belief in the importance of natural ingredients for transformative hair care," Ione Rucker remarked. "We're thrilled for customers to discover our products, making it easier than ever to integrate natural hair care into their routines."

Dedicated to crafting natural and effective hair care solutions, Rucker Roots is committed to accessibility and innovation. The brand's range, designed to meet diverse hair care needs, celebrates the beauty of natural hair with products rich in root-derived ingredients, now available at select Walmart stores.

Rucker Roots will celebrate its debut at Walmart with promotional events at select locations. Customers are invited to explore the new selection and experience the benefits of incorporating Rucker Roots into their hair care regimen. For more information about Rucker Roots and its product offerings, please visit

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