Mayor Brandon Johnson
Mayor Brandon Johnson



The Gage Park reopening is one of five reopenings of facilities that were converted into temporary emergency shelters for the New Arrivals Mission.


“The Gage Park community embodies the best of Chicago. Families sacrificed the use of their Fieldhouse so that hundreds of people could have a roof over their heads throughout the harsh Chicago winter,” said Mayor Brandon Johnson. “The families who stayed here will never forget the people of Gage Park, who sacrificed to provide shelter. I could not be prouder of this community, and I am pleased that we were able to make improvements to the Fieldhouse facilities and provide a lasting benefit to Gage Park residents.”

The Park District facilities that were converted to temporary shelters included: Leonne Park, Brands Park, Gage Park, Broadway Armory Park, and Piotrowski Park. The Chicago Park District is working to restore each of its five facilities that have been used as migrant shelters by the City. This process includes:

Coordination with City Agencies/Departments for repairs

Internal Park District facility maintenance updates

Coordination and communication with Park staff on re-opening program activation

Communication with patrons and local legislators on reopening

Reopening celebration with community

Mayor Johnson announced a series of improvements to Gage Park including re-lamping, repainting the interiors, refinished floors, and deep cleaning of the facility. The Park District worked with Alderman Raymond Lopez to install outdoor lighting for the Park’s baseball field. Pickleball courts are being added and the tennis courts are being resurfaced. Additionally, the artificial turf field is being updated in partnership with the Chicago Fire.

“The Gage Park community rallied together during an unprecedented humanitarian mission serving as a powerful testament to the resilience and compassion that defines our great city,” said Beatriz Ponce de Leon, Deputy Mayor of Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Rights. “As regular park programming resumes, both new arrivals and long-term residents can continue to build community through enjoying all of the wonderful activities and events that Gage Park has this summer.”

On April 13, 2024, the Gage Park fieldhouse was officially decommissioned as a temporary emergency shelter along with the four other Park District sites. The reopening event featured arts and crafts for youth, carnival games, Harvest Garden activities, and informational booths for Park District programming. All Park District sites have been decommissioned and are being prepared to officially open by the start of the Park District’s summer session.

Summer programming this year at Gage Park will include Day Camp for six to 12-year-olds, a Special Recreation Day Camp for children aged 14 or older and adults with disabilities, and “Play Camp” for three to six-year-olds. The Day Camps and Play Camp begin on June 24. Gage Park’s pool will open on June 17, along with all other Park District pools.

In order to prepare each facility to be reactivated for traditional Park District and community use, all locations previously utilized as shelters will receive deep cleaning, expedited work order attention, and prioritized interior finish upgrades (painting/floor refurbishment). Park District building engineers have had attention on each building as it was used for a shelter; the Park District does not foresee any new major building safety or utility updates.

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