Chicago Booth Announces Partnership with Chicago Scholars


Chicago Booth Announces Partnership with Chicago Scholars

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business announced a new partnership with Chicago Scholars that will establish a pipeline for students to attend graduate level programs, and create a long-term impact in the Chicagoland area. Chicago Booth is the first graduate program to partner with the 501(c)(3) nonprofit leadership development organization.

Chicago Scholars provides academically ambitious students from low-income or first-generation college-going backgrounds with the tools to overcome systemic barriers and succeed in college and beyond. Simultaneously, Chicago Scholars works to prepare the city's businesses and organizations for the next generation of leaders. The seven-year program offers participants guidance and resources, beginning with the college application process, and continuing throughout their undergraduate careers to ensure they thrive. The program culminates after college graduation once scholars receive their first job offer or graduate school acceptance.

“Chicago Booth is honored to be part of this first-ever, graduate level partnership with Chicago Scholars. It is a tremendous opportunity to engage with a local organization that helps prepare the next generation of leaders for college and careers,” said Donna Swinford, associate dean for student recruitment and admissions at Chicago Booth. “In higher education, we recognize the importance of establishing connections, building relationships, and working with learners as early as possible to nurture their path to college, MBA/graduate school, and beyond. We are honored to be a forerunner in this type of alliance that provides support, access, and a shared mission to help drive the economic future of our local communities.”

Through the partnership, Chicago Booth will work with students and alumni of the Chicago Scholars program to provide valuable networking, mentoring, and professional development opportunities within the Booth community. Chicago Scholars and alumni of their program will also benefit from MBA application fee waivers, early admissions opportunities, and dedicated scholarship awards. More information about the program is available at

“Chicago Scholars is excited to welcome Chicago Booth into our programming,” said Andre Hebert, director of college partnerships at Chicago Scholars. “One of the reasons we decided to establish this partnership is to continue our strategic goal of preparing our Scholars for the world and the world for our Scholars. Having a master’s degree is a growing requirement in the workplace. This partnership allows both organizations to be at the forefront of educational access and equity by removing barriers to a graduate degree.”

“It’s exciting to expand the opportunities available to Scholars through this partnership,” said Jeffery Beckham, Jr., CEO of Chicago Scholars. “Our goal is to give our students windows into what’s possible and mirrors that reflect the success of people who look like them. This partnership allows us to do exactly that.”

The University of Chicago has been a longstanding institutional partner of Chicago Scholars. Chicago Booth’s new partnership aims to build on that shared mission with additional offerings from a graduate level perspective.

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