An Artist Considers Beauty and Distraction Through Paintings on Stretch Wrap

Ayzay Ukwuoma/PRNewsFoto.
Ayzay Ukwuoma/PRNewsFoto.

 An Artist Considers Beauty and Distraction Through Paintings
on Stretch Wrap

LOS ANGELES, DPRNewswire -- Ayzay Ukwuoma simply asked Chat GPT to “write a press release about a contemporary Black artist’s use of stretch wrap as an ephemeral material in paintings,” and Chat GTP responded with the following three paragraphs:

“The contemporary artist Ayzay Ukwuoma has released a groundbreaking new series of paintings that explore themes
of identity, race, and impermanence. Using stretch wrap as the primary medium, Ukwuoma creates vivid, ephemeral compositions that challenge traditional notions of materiality in art.

“Ukwuoma’s use of stretch wrap as a painting medium is a bold departure from traditional materials such as oil paint or acrylics. The plastic film’s flexibility and transparency allow for a unique form of expression that speaks to the fluidity and complexity of the black experience.

By layering and manipulating the stretch wrap, Ayzay Ukwuoma creates depth and movement in the compositions, inviting the viewer to consider the changing nature of identity
and the world around us.”

“Ayzay Ukwuoma’s stretch wrap paintings have already garnered critical acclaim and attention from collectors, with exhibitions planned in galleries across the country. As a leading figure in the contemporary black art movement, Ukwuoma is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of materiality and to use his art as a platform for important social and political issues.”

Ukwuoma realized that the words written by Chat GPT were arranged beautifully, yet inaccurate, through a set of assumptions it had made about the phrase “contemporary black artist,” and an impression that Ukwuoma desired the heavily embellished depiction it had offered for his identity. Essentially, the AI service had generated what could be considered a beautiful distraction in language that eclipses a live viewing of the actual paintings.

In his own words, leaving more to be seen upon sight of the paintings, Ukwuoma says, “These particular paintings have a lot to do with human perception.

This set of ‘wraps’ reflect an experience that we happen upon every day in the real and virtual worlds, just through seeing a surface, with indications of the broader lexicon beneath layers of colors, textures, and transparency. I’m looking forward to holding viewings of the ‘wraps’ next month, on appointments
within my studio in South Los Angeles.”

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