Froliage Is Redefining Black Hair Care


 Froliage Is Redefining Black Hair Care

LAKELAND, Fla., PRNewswire -- Black hair is not simply just
hair, and Froliage knows it. Born from the urgency to create safe, accessible hair care products for black hair, Froliage is officially launching to revolutionize the hair care industry.

Froliage is a black female-owned eCommerce website specializing in hair, skin, and cosmetic products for Black woman. The brand boasts an ultra-modern website that hosts its catalog
of brilliant product offerings.

Froliage is officially launching to revolutionize the hair care industry because “Natural black hair is a BIG deal.”

The brand was created in 2017 by Amanda Harris, who proudly
possesses over a decade in retail and IT. She has intertwined that prowess and adept skillfulness in project management and logistics with her desire to elevate black women everywhere with carefully formulated products.

Froliage was Harris’ ode to herself and her daughter. At the time
she very first conceived the idea, a pregnant Harris spent her life up to that point with a relaxer. One day, it struck her. Her hair would vary from her daughter’s.

What started as a mother’s duty of teaching her daughter to love
her natural tresses has exploded into a premier online store. However, Froliage is not merely just another web-based store. Froliage tells the story of every single Black woman who has her hair “tamed” with a heating tool to appear more refined. This line is a small black-owned business that creates jobs fostering the establishment of generational wealth for each person involved.

Not wanting to be outdone, Harris has continued to make purposeful strides in expanding her products. She has ventured beyond hair to skincare, cosmetics, a vegan line of products, and so much more.

Froliage also boasts an app available on both Android and iOS.
Currently only available in the USA, Froliage will begin shipping
internationally next year.

For more information, please visit

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