Athleisure Trend Let’s You Look Good in Casual Clothes

7/7/2017, 10:58 a.m. | Updated on 7/7/2017, 10:58 a.m.
Polish off the look: Consider taking some extra time to do hair and makeup on the day you select a ...
The athleisure trend is growing with designers continuously adding new introductions for members of the entire family.

Athleisure Trend Let’s You Look Good in Casual Clothes

StatePoint- From fitness conscious consumers to busy moms who are always on the go, casual athletic attire is becoming a socially acceptable and on-trend style. In fact, it’s so popular, it carries its own name: “athleisure.”

It may sound like a piece of cake to dress in casual and

relaxed clothing. However, avoiding a “just rolled out of bed

look” is not so simple. If you find that comfy yoga pants or

joggers are increasingly becoming a staple in your wardrobe,

consider these tips to ensure you always look put together when sporting them.

• The right shoe goes a long way: Forgo the traditional

or “core” running shoe for this look. Such brands as Adidas,

Converse, Nike and Vans have introduced updates to their classic offerings. While still inspired by an athletic lifestyle, variations in color, height, patterns and textures accommodate the growing trend for casual wear.

In addition to looking good, they are breathable and functional -- just in case you wanted to sneak in a light workout during the day!

For example, the popular Adidas Baseline still comes in a

classic white. However, this year they introduced a version in

peach, a fun and new spring color.

• Get the family involved: Did you grow up loving your

Chuck Taylors? The good news is that new athleisure wear is

available as a full family offering, so that infants, tweens and

teens can also enjoy comfortable, yet stylish, shoes.

In response to this trend, family-friendly retailer Rack Room Shoes recently introduced The Athletic Shop, a shop-within-a-shop concept that highlights nationally recognized name brand products for those with an active lifestyle.

“As we see the athleisure trend continue to grow, we’re

continually adding new introductions from athletic brands

for the entire family,” says Adam McDermott, senior project

manager of The Athletic Shop, Rack Room Shoes.

• Polish off the look: Consider taking some extra time to do

hair and makeup on the day you select a casual outfit from your closet. Or try pairing joggers and athleisure footwear with a nice handbag, statement scarf or leather jacket. This will help put the look together nicely.

With all this in mind, the experts at Rack Room Shoes are focusing on comfortable, functional and stylish athleisure-inspired footwear. More information is available at rackroomshoes.com.

To look your best when dressing casually, be sure to craft

your outfits with care.