Franklin Township, New Jersey – Sacramento Mayor and NBA Legend Kevin Johnson will deliver the welcoming remarks 9:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2016, First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens (FBCLG), as one of the highlights of the 5th Annual dfree® Financial Freedom Conference. The conference will attract some 2,500 people who are working on achieving financial security to the Central Jersey area.

“Kevin Johnson is a business entrepreneur and education advocate who, as mayor of Sacramento, championed a banking program to connect 25,000 low-income families with banking resources and financial management tools,” said DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., dfree® Creator and founder of the dfree® Global Foundation, Inc.

“We can all learn from his experiences, particularly his focus on creating economic growth and opportunity.”

Johnson, who was elected Sacramento’s 55th mayor in 2008, is also well known for his 12-year NBA career with the Phoenix Suns. He earned honors as a three-time All-Star and five-time selection to All-NBA teams. Prior to becoming mayor, Johnson served as the founder and CEO of St. HOPE, a nonprofit community redevelopment corporation that currently operates a pre-K through 12th grade charter school system and manages several economic development projects. He has received numerous honors for humanitarian work, including the 411th Point of Light from President George H. W. Bush.

“I am honored to be part of this year’s Financial Freedom Conference, which I believe empowers the African American community through a creative agenda to promote economic empowerment and wealth creation,” Johnson said.

“Say Yes to the Next Level,” Nov. 10-12, 2016, is intended to motivate existing dfree® participants to accomplish their goals and to attract new audiences. The conference will encourage participants to reevaluate personal values, habits, attitudes and relationships in order to prepare themselves to move

toward financial wholeness. The $40 registration fee for the conference includes lunches and can be submitted online via: http:// bit.ly/2cLAyxb. The “Say Yes to a Brighter Future” youth conference for high school and college students Nov. 12 is free and registration is available: http://bit.ly/2e8aZF8.

In addition to Johnson, the conference features a power-packed lineup of speakers and performers, including:

Erica Campbell, the Grammy Award winning recording artist & singer who formed gospel duo “Mary Mary”

Michelle Duffie, the CEO of D3 Entertainment who promoted blockbusters such as “War Room” and “Risen”

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, the journalist who is known as The Money Coach

Navarrow Wright, president of Maximum Leverage Solutions

Hip Hop Artist DEE-1 and AllHipHop.com Founder Chuck Creekmur

DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., senior pastor,author and creator of the dfree® Financial

Freedom Movement

Dharius Daniels, senior pastor, Kingdom Church of New Jersey

Billy H. Stanfield, Jr., senior pastor, Impact Church inGeorgia

Jay Cameron, senior pastor, The Life Center in Maryland

Avis Yates Rivers, president and CEO, Technology Concepts Group International Olivia Stoner, Esq., Stoner Law Offices, Philadelphia

Kemberley Washington, CPA, author, educator and personal finance news contributor

“When you are paying last month’s bills with next week’s check, when you’re drowning in consumer debt, you’ve lost options and lost control of your life. You’re existence promotes the welfare of others,” Soaries said. “We have to have this conversation. The reality is that we’re spending without thinking. Most Americans, in general, and African Americans, in particular, live without a budget. We don’t have spending plans or savings. We have no emergency fund. We don’t have a retirement plan or investments. In a capitalistic society, to have no capital capacity is to be non-existent.”

The dfree® Financial Freedom Movement is a practical yet holistic approach to financial security that exposes root causes of negative financial habits and provides financial literacy, faith-based methods and community support to help individuals achieve and maintain financial success.

The informative, uplifting and celebratory financial freedom conference is being held at FBCLG, 771 Somerset Street, Somerset, New Jersey 08873. The Johnson event takes place in the Main Sanctuary. The conference includes concerts, networking, youth activities and dfree® training and support. Sessions are available for beginners through seasoned dfree® participants.

The title sponsor for the conference is Prudential Financial, with Wells Fargo, Lyft, Stand Together, Griffin Capital Funding, Independence Realty Trust, Federal Home Loan Bank of NY and others also participating as sponsors.

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