Conversations With The Citizen

Keeta Williams of Keeta's Place

Keeta Williams, CEO of Keeta's Place sit down for a chat with "Conversations With The Citizen". Keeta talks about how the organization gift the young women with skills to help them change their communities through cultural experiences. Keeta's Place require the girls to take self care moments weekly.

Karli Butler-"Burned Beauty"

Karli Butler, A young African American woman who was going on about her day doing what most young ladies would. She leaves her apartment a goes to the parking lot only to be faced with what has become the first chapter to her new life's journey. Karli a blogger and speaker using her life experience to help others who are going through a tough situation to find their inner peace. Karli is known as the Burned Beauty but the story behind her journey will touch your heart. Karli shared with "Conversations With The Citizen” the life changing events that led up to the day she had acid thrown in her face.

Jamila Trimuel of "Ladies of Virtue"

"Ladies of Virtue" CEO, Jamila Trimuel joined us recently in studio for "Conversations with the Citizen". During our conversation Jamila shared with us how her organization was able to partner with other organizations to meet the need of members and their families during COVID. The Ladies of Virtue is celebrating its 10th year Anniversary and plans to continue making a difference in the life's of young ladies.

Latrice Mosely-Smith of Hott Hose

Latrice Mosely-Smith, the founder of Purple Hose and Healing Foundation. Smith, founded the Foundation in 2014 to serve a dual purpose and one being to honor women who had falling victim to Abuse. Latrice was able to use the Foundation as memorial to honor the life of her deceased Mother. Smith's Mom survived five (5) years of spousal abuse at the hands of her biological father but succumb to a battle of Colon Cancer after only two years. Latrice Mosely-Smith, a only child, a entrepreneur, a mother, a daughter, a friend and certainly an overall people's person who enjoys meeting new people. Latrice Mosely- Smith is truly a "Mover and Shaker" who makes BOSS moves. Latrice story should be heard.

Authors Takeshi and Kyle James

Meet the James, Kyle X and Takeshi James both authors of self published books. Kyle is the author of "Teacher Legion", in addition to being a author, he attends St. Rita High School and is heading to the University of Chicago the fall. While at U of C, he will play football and study Business Economics. Kyle's Mother, Takeshi James is also an Author and Principal at Avalon Park Elementary School. Takeshi wrote the book "From Our Eyes" Both joined us to talk about their decision to become self published Authors.

Markham Mayor Roger A. Agpawa

Mayor Roger Agpawa, joins "Conversation With The Citizen" for a discuss his second term in office and why he wasn't allow to be sworn in because of a previous legal matter. Roger was allowed to run in the race, win and not able to be sworn into office.

Share your Soles- Mona Purdy

Mona Purdy of Share Your Soles, joined "Conversations with the Citizen to discuss how her organization has helped here at home and abroad with helping the less fortunate with gently used shoes.

Chicago Community Loan Fund-Wendell Harris

Wendell Harris, vice president of lending operations for Chicago Community Loan Fund joined "Conversations with the Citizen" to discuss Chicago Community Loan Fund and what they are doing in the community. CCLF is a business-to-business lender that helps for profit businesses and non-profit organizations that have the capacity to resolve the problem of real estate. CCLF has grown into a $100 million fund since it was founded. It helps non-profits with working capital and equipment financing.

Cannabis Cultural Day 4-20-2021

Recently Ariel DeNey Rainey of the Mary Jane Group and Apriel Campbell of Ethos Cannabis sat down with "Conversations with the Citizen" to discuss Cannabis Cultural Day 4-20. The ladies shared information on the need to have more diversity in the industry here in Illinois and how someone with minor offenses can have their records expunged.

Committeeman Jordan recalls time in local politics

Calvin Jordan is a Rich Township Democratic Committeeman but his involvement with local politics dates back to 1989, when he worked for John H. Stroger, who was a Cook County Commissioner at the time