21st and 34th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Cornell Dantzler

Chicago Aldermanic Run-off Election Heats Up with less than 30 days before decision day 2023. Cornell Dantzler is seeking to become the next alderman of the 21st Ward replacing retiring Alderman Howard Brookins. Dantzler has been a resident of the Morgan Park/West Pullman area for more than 55 years. Although the ward boundaries are expanding to cover the 21 ward and parts of the now the old 34th Ward. Dantzler feels he have put in the work, knows what the community needs are , walked the streets, alleys and talked with the people. Dantzler promises to not be an island person and make himself available for the ward residence and business owners at all times. On day one Dantzler says he will go to work for the constituents.

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