Embrace the Fearless Spirit, with Karina Brez Feather Ear Cuffs

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Embrace the Fearless Spirit, with Karina Brez Feather Ear Cuffs

Renowned Equestrian Show Jumper, Dani G. Waldman, Teams Up with Karina Brez for new additions to the Fearless Feather Collection

New York, NY -- Trademarked by her unique style, Dani G. Waldman, renowned American Israeli equestrian show jumper, offers a look into her fearless and playful spirit through her second collaboration with Karina Brez. Building on the success of the Fearless Feathers Collection, featuring timeless bracelets and rings with a hugging horse hoof and feather motif, Dani G. and Karina Brez fuse their passion for design and equestrian jewelry to expand the collection with the new Fearless Feathers Ear Cuffs.

Dani G. says, “The Fearless Feathers collection with Karina Brez has been such an inspiration and symbol of individuality—now adding the spectacular feather ear cuffs is a dream come true—bold, beautiful and unlike anything I’ve seen!”

Highly anticipated before summer, the Fearless Feathers Ear Cuffs are available in five elegant designs. Accentuating individual shine and brilliance, the first design is embedded with timeless white diamonds along the length of the feather. Incorporating a masterful blend of gems, the other designs are curated for those seeking a colorful element, creating an ombre effect in either pink sapphires, or blue sapphires. Each style is available in 18K yellow, white, or rose gold. Offering a unique twist, the white gold also has an oxidized variation, creating a deep contrast between the blue sapphire and white diamonds, adding character with dark, bold details. Each sparkling design seamlessly blends gemstones to showcase classic taste, perfect for on or off the track.

On her Horse Bytes show, which has global highlights from the show jumping world, Dani G. Waldman says, “I need something substantial and unique that will stand out but remain classic and high fashion.” She continues, “Karina managed to create the most beautiful, slender feather that evokes movement, but still showcases a bold and fearless expression of individuality.”

Waldman, who is known on the circuit as “Flying Feathers,” collaborated with equestrian fine jeweler, Karina Brez, on an ear cuff look that complements her infamous feathered hair, embracing authentic style. The ear cuffs embody the confidence and inspiration of one’s unique identity. For women looking for jewels that symbolize self-expression, freedom and empowerment, the Fearless Feathers Ear Cuffs resonate for those who dare to stand out and embrace their true selves.

“Dani G. is an inspiration to me, and so many that admire her unwavering confidence and radiating energy” shares gemologist and equestrian designer, Karina Brez. “We’ve continued to bond over our shared love for equestrian jewelry and we hope to deliver real expressions of individuality through jewelry.”

This extension of the Fearless Feathers Collection is a continued celebration of persevering women, unapologetically embracing their unique selves. Alluring and comfortable to wear, it is the perfect everyday jewel.

For more information about the Fearless Feathers by Dani G. collection and to explore the full range of Karina Brez's equestrian designs, visit karinabrez.com.

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