ICYMI: Democratic Leaders Mark 100 Days until the Democratic National Convention


Democratic Leaders Mark 100 Days until the Democratic National Convention

Convention officials, Chicago leaders, and volunteers gathered in the historic Pullman neighborhood to kick off a week of service on Saturday

CHICAGO – In case you missed it, Saturday marked 100 days until the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Chicago on August 19. Convention officials organized a day of service in Chicago’s historic Pullman neighborhood to mark the occasion, and they were joined by Chicago Democrats who expressed their excitement for the upcoming event.

“I am just thrilled because what I see in this crowd is what we hope to represent when the convention kicks off August 19. I see young people, I see old people, I see diversity, and that is the spirit of the Democratic National Committee and that will be the spirit of the convention,” said Democratic National Convention Chair Minyon Moore. “It is going to not just be a show, but it is going to telecast and really continue to talk about the values of our party, the values of President Biden, the values of Vice President Kamala Harris. We will talk about the work that they will continue to do on behalf of not just workers, but on behalf of the American people.”

“Today marks 100 days out from the convention. We will start our civic action week today. We've got 20 different service projects happening across nine different neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, and our very first one is here in Pullman…” said Chicago 2024 Host Committee Executive Director Christy George. “I especially want to call out our neighborhood ambassadors. We've got 80 different neighborhood ambassadors representing our 77 community areas as well as 23 of our surrounding suburbs, and we have many of them here today, as well as many of our volunteers…so thank you all for showing up for your city.”

“Places like Pullman, its rich history and culture, with all of its soul, are big reasons why the DNC is going to be here in the city of Chicago. Because Chicago was chosen to be the starring role for our commitment to our democratic values. And here in Chicago, we defend our values…” said Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson. “In fact, we lean into our values, because it's here in Chicago, where we fight for reproductive rights, we fight for workers’ rights…we fight for public education, we fight for public transportation, we fight that everyone has a decent opportunity to make a living every single day. That is why the convention is here in the city of Chicago, and there's no better place to show off our democratic values and to make sure that not only do we celebrate our values, but we ensure that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris get to go back to do this for another four years.”

“As everyone said, we cannot forget labor, we cannot forget the grit of this city. It’s the grit, it's the determination, and it's the focus that's going to make this the best convention that we have seen yet. And the reason I know that is because I want you to look at your neighbors and say ‘because we got the power,’” said Congresswoman Robin Kelly.

“Democrats from across the country are excited to descend upon Chicago in August. As we continue to prepare for the convention, moments like today are an opportunity for us to remind everyone of the Democratic Party's unwavering commitment to the heart and soul of our nation: working families,” said DNC Secretary Jason Rae. “At the core of our mission is a belief that, as Chair Jamie Harrison says often, the Democratic Party can't just be a political organization. We have to be a community organization, addressing the everyday needs of people across this country. As a party, and as a part of this convention, we are addressing the everyday needs of people across this great city and across this great nation.”

“When the Democratic National Convention decided to come to Chicago, it didn't just say it was going to come to Chicago to hold a meeting. That's what we're here to do today. We're here to make an impact. And all across this great country, but particularly right here in this community, we are making a difference…That's the story we need to be telling across this country and across this great state about what the impact that President Biden is having on this community,” said State Senator Elgie Sims.

 “Chicago is a union town. Chicago is also the hometown of the American labor movement because of what happened here in Pullman…the history, the blood, sweat, and tears of workers 130 years ago at this place. It changed America. It changed the world... I was so proud that the DNC and President Biden, they share that value for workers and for the labor movement and that makes me so proud to be part of this,” said Chicago Federation of Labor Secretary-Treasurer Don Villar.

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