UrbanGeekz Inks Groundbreaking Content Syndication Deal with Black-Owned Ridesharing App Moovn

Moovn founder and CEO Godwin Gabriel and UrbanGeekz founder and CEO Kunbi Tinuoye have joined forces for a pioneering partnership deal. PRNewsfoto/UrbanGeekz
Moovn founder and CEO Godwin Gabriel and UrbanGeekz founder and CEO Kunbi Tinuoye have joined forces for a pioneering partnership deal. PRNewsfoto/UrbanGeekz

UrbanGeekz Inks Groundbreaking Content Syndication Deal with Black-Owned Ridesharing App Moovn

ATLANTA, PRNewswire -- Award-winning digital news brand UrbanGeekz has teamed up with Black-owned ride-hailing app Moovn to share its content with passengers on the move.

The wide-reaching syndication deal gives riders across the globe direct access to UrbanGeekz content right in the comfort of Moovn ridesharing cars. Embedded in the interface design, the Moovn mobile app empowers passengers to read, watch, and engage with UrbanGeekz during trips.

"I've always been someone who thinks outside the box," said UrbanGeekz founder and CEO Kunbi Tinuoye. "For years, I've had this huge vision to showcase our content to a captive audience of passengers sitting in the back seat of rideshares. We just needed to find alignment with the right partner, and that's why we are so excited to collaborate with Moovn."

The Partnership Is History in The Making

The first-of-its-kind deal is way ahead of the curve. This is the first time a Black-owned news platform has inked a content partnership pact on a ridesharing mobile application. Moovn now offers a unique opportunity for its passengers that the big players haven't adequately explored.

"I'm very excited by this fantastic partnership between Moovn and UrbanGeekz," said Moovn founder and CEO Godwin Gabriel, who holds an MBA from the Foster School of Business. "We believe this deal will add enormous value for our riders and Moovn users who can now gain direct access to UrbanGeekz content on-ride, or even not on-ride through our subscription and email marketing campaigns."

The agreement will extend the reach of UrbanGeekz's breaking news, feature stories, expert columns, analytical articles, product reviews, and original video content to riders around the world. "It will expand UrbanGeekz's global footprint to our international audience and subscriber base," added Gabriel." It's something that's never been done before, and it just shows the respective growth of our brands. We (Moovn) have plans for even more growth as we continue to attract more investment dollars."

Redefining The Ridesharing Experience in the U.S. and Africa

Moovn currently operates in several cities across the globe as it continues its ambitious plan to expand in Western and emerging markets. Founded by Seattle-based, Tanzanian-born Godwin Gabriel, the ridesharing app operates in NYC, New York; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles, California; and Vancouver, Canada. In Africa, Moovn operates in Nairobi, Kenya; Arusha, Tanzania; Lusha; Zambia; and four cities in Tanzania: Arusha, Dodoma, Mwanza, and Gabriel's home city, Dar-es-salaam.

Moovn has a full-time team in its Seattle headquarters, with employees working out of its Nairobi regional office to support Sub-Saharan operations.

"Our Africa strategy has paid off very well, and we have increased our market exposure on the continent. We are now positioning ourselves to become the third ridesharing option in the United States. Part of our expansion strategy includes entering at least nine U.S. cities by the end of the year. We are currently piloting our services in Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; and San Francisco, California."

Collaboration Aligns With UrbanGeekz's Longterm Mission

As UrbanGeekz solidifies its standing as a trusted source of information and inspiration for diverse audiences, this pioneering deal aligns with its vision to broaden its audience across major cities in the States and Africa.

"UrbanGeekz's passion has always been to create premium business, technology, and innovation content from a diverse and multicultural perspective," said Cambridge University alum Tinuoye. "Our goal is to educate, inspire, and entertain our users. So, for our content to now reach an even wider audience that's not just in the West but across major hubs in Africa is something that makes me extremely proud."

Moovn's Driver-Centric Model Focuses On Fair Treatment Of Drivers

Ridesharing technology has boomed into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the past decade, with the dominant players being Uber and Lyft. However, Moovn offers several unique features that differentiate its offerings. Gabriel describes his company as a driver-centric business that offers one of the most attractive revenue-sharing splits for drivers in the industry. With this model, he adds, drivers can make more money, and the profit distribution is fairer. By prioritizing the well-being of drivers, Moovn offers a business model centered on a more equitable profit distribution.

"Moovn was founded on the principle of fairness and transforming lives within the communities we operate in," said Gabriel. "We are driver-centric, and this is something ingrained in our mission, to put the driver first because we believe if they are treated fairly and compensated well, they will go the extra mile for our customers. The team cares deeply about passengers as well. Moovn has no 'surge pricing,' and riders can schedule trips well in advance, even up to a month."

The app allows users to book rides instantly or ahead of time, selecting the type of vehicle they want. In addition to cars, Moovn offers options for tuk-tuks, three-wheeled taxis, and motorcycles in Africa. Another arm of the business is Moovn Rush, which allows users to request drivers to transport packages.

This pioneering partnership between UrbanGeekz and Moovn will support both brands as they continue disrupting their respective industries.

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