FoundHers Suite Provides A Space For Women Entrepreneurs To Work And Collaborate

LaTanya Orr is the owner of the FoundHers Suite, PHOTO BY TYRONE HOLMES.
LaTanya Orr is the owner of the FoundHers Suite, PHOTO BY TYRONE HOLMES.

FoundHers Suite Provides A Space For Women Entrepreneurs To Work And Collaborate

By Tia Carol Jones

LaTanya Orr is a brand strategist and certified life coach who is also the author of “Strike A Pose: 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman Must Have.” Orr recently opened the FoundHers Suite, located at 1808-10 W. 103rd St., on the second floor.

Orr’s journey to the FoundHers Suite began 10 years ago when she launched Lady’Trep, a women’s entrepreneurial network. A year ago, Orr was reminded about Lady’Trep and her vision to create an entrepreneurial network for women where they could receive all the necessary resources to become successful businesswomen. She gave the idea a refresh and evolved the concept.

“When I began to think about what I wanted the network to stand for, it was all about female founders, about us, who are starting these businesses and the resources, the support to work through the challenges of business ownership,” she said.

While the number of women entrepreneurs is rapidly growing, they often lack the resources and support to grow to scale and build capacity. Orr has been asked by other women business owners where to find resources including where to get a business accountant, legal counsel, as well as where to find a brand manager. She realized those were questions that all business owners had, but women were reluctant to ask for the support to find those resources.

Orr said by not acknowledging they have questions and asking for support, some women aren’t able to be as successful as they could be, if they had just asked the important questions. Networking and partnering with other women are also key to a business woman’s success.

With the FoundHers Suite, there are opportunities to host virtual and in-person workshops and seminars. People can have a physical collaborative workspace, with offices and places to host conferences. Boutique services which will be available include bookkeeping, accounting, legal experts, nonprofit experts, marketing specialists, as well as an organizational effectiveness professional. There is also a podcast space and treatment therapy rooms.

Orr said she chose Beverly because while she grew up east of Beverly, she often traveled to and through the neighborhood. Also, her husband works at a hospital near Beverly and they frequent the restaurants and stores in the neighborhood. She looked in the South Suburbs, in the South Loop and in South Shore, but she didn’t find a space that felt right. When she went into the space on 103rd Street, she knew it was the right space for her flexible co-working space.

Memberships range from $29-$400 per month, based on the needs of the person, which include a virtual membership or a private office space. People can visit the website to book a tour and learn more about day passes to the space.

Orr said the feedback from people has been very positive, people have been awed by how spacious the location is and the natural light in the space. She wanted it to be inviting for people. Orr wants the FoundHers Suite to be a place for transformation, where women can see the positive changes and see how they are serving the community with their businesses.

The FoundHers Suite will host a showing of “Black Barbie” documentary at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19th. The event is free to the community.

For more information about the FoundHers Suite, visit, or call 773-701-6484.

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