Ukrainian heritage and jewellery took centre stage at the “Beyond Time” exhibition by the Strong & Precious Art Foundation

_Connection of All_ Bracelet_Choker by Drutis Jewellery. Pietra Communications
_Connection of All_ Bracelet_Choker by Drutis Jewellery. Pietra Communications

Ukrainian heritage and jewellery took centre stage at the “Beyond Time” exhibition by the Strong & Precious Art Foundation

Curated by Olga Oleksenko and Reviving Ukrainian Roots, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation Celebrated the Rich Culture of Trypillia at GemGenève

GENEVA -- The heritage of Trypillia was reinterpreted at GemGenève, marking the fifth time the Strong and Precious Art Foundation participated in the prestigious international show. Dedicated to highlighting Ukrainian artisans, Strong & Precious embarked on a journey to present “Beyond Time,” its new exhibition in the Designer Village section of the fair. The showcase gathered remarks for its outstanding craftsmanship and thoughtful intertwining of Trypillian culture, contextualized in each piece. The displays attracted attention, artfully juxtaposing ceramics with jewels.

“With every edition the project evolves, and so do our designers," says Olga Oleksenko, Founder of Strong and Precious. "Starting from an ad-hoc spontaneous first presentation two years ago, we have transformed into an art foundation with a mission to develop Ukrainian talent in the jewellery arts. I am proud of the pieces presented and the designers behind them. Every year we add new unique pieces by Ukrainian jewellery designers to the foundation’s collection. I believe this collection will hold great significance, capturing the creative reflections and hopes of a resilient country during wartime.”

“Hidden Treasure” ring by Anton Boyko

“Beyond Time” highlights featured pieces from emerging Ukrainian designers and established Ukrainian brands, unified by symbolism and meaning. Drawing inspiration from the ceramic jar, the “Hidden Treasure” Ring by Anton Boyko, a new artist in the 2024 collective, was exceptionally received. Paying homage to the hallmark of Trypillian culture, it delves into the nuanced interplay between past and present Ukraine. The ring conceals an invisible mechanism that embodies this metaphorical link—with a subtle twist, a diamond plate emerges to fill the jar, only to disappear with another turn. Reflecting the life-giving essence of rain in Trypillian culture, another showstopper was the “Pluviam” Brooch by Iryna Karpova, which embodies concepts of fertility, healing, and the enduring spirit of an ancient era. Inesa Kovalova’s “Solar” Earrings, a stunning exhibition feature, draw inspiration from the cyclical nature of life, reflecting the constant ebb and flow, the perpetual rhythm of growth and decline, akin to the recurring patterns of sunrise and sunset. The equally spectacular “Carre” Ring by Kovalova explores the concept of visual illusion and perception of the world through light and shadow.

Designers from previous editions, including Inesa Kovalova, Iryna Karpova, and Drutis Jewellery, continued to receive interest in their exquisite jewels on display. Strong & Precious also welcomed three new designers to the collective, whose fresh perspective captivated the crowd and inspired awe at the “Beyond Time” exhibition: Bokyo, AGA.TE, and Komendat. Crafted from ceramics and precious metals, “The Roots” Brooch by AGA.TE epitomizes the fusion of contemporary innovation with timeless traditions, intertwining different epochs and cultural influences. Inspired by the remarkable achievements of the Trypillian people, the “Struktura” Ring by Komendat reflects a small portion of the city’s layout, inviting wearers to connect with the ancient past through urban planning.

From a returning brand, symbolizing the timeless connection between generations, “The Family Tree” Pendant by Oberig, represents the enduring strength and support of kinship. The “Mother Goddess” Pendant by Oberig embodies boundless feminine energy and resilience, worshiping the concept of womanhood with the Berehynia figure, reflecting Trypillians who viewed themselves as an integral part of nature. Sculpted to symbolize wealth and fertility for the Ukrainian future, The “God-Bull” Pendant by GeO x Iryna Vasylenko, who also returned for the Strong & Precious exhibit, represents the embodiment of the supreme deity, God the Father. An enchanting creation with a solstice ornament, the “Connection of All” Bracelet/Choker by Drutis Jewellery encapsulates the essence of perpetual movement and interconnectedness. The “Supergravity” Cuff by Nomis reflects anthropomorphic figures found in Trypillia, echoing the simple shapes of heads and faces of clay and gold figurines characteristic of the era.

“Participating in GemGenève is an opportunity to showcase our creativity and originality to a global presence” says a statement from AGA.TE. “The exhibition inspires us to explore new forms, materials, and techniques, fostering the development of our creative potential and opening up new possibilities for innovation in the world of art jewellery.”

Known for her distinctive ‘live design’ philosophy, which seamlessly integrates a profound connection to the earth and ethnic roots, ceramic artist Victoria Yukusha collaborated with Strong & Precious to present FAINA pottery alongside jewels at GemGenève. Reviving the shape of traditional Ukrainian festive pottery, her KUMANEC vase set features ancestral shapes that vibrate with the animistic presence of live design. With five variations, each made of clay, the live ceramics are crafted to hold dry flowers. Through FAINA and her limited collections, Victoria Yukusha carves out a unique niche by blending a minimalistic aesthetic with rich cultural codes and an architectural background.

"Exhibiting at GemGenève as part of the Strong & Precious Art Foundation has significantly facilitated my growth as a designer," says Inesa Kovalova. "It has enabled me to reach a wide international audience, gain press coverage, and meet my first collectors. I believe Olga’s initiative is transforming the jewelry industry in Ukraine, opening doors for emerging designers and pushing them to achieve their highest potential."

Reflecting on the experience, Yuliia Komendat says, “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities provided to me by Strong & Precious and GemGenève. As I embark on the beginning of my career in the jewellery industry, having recently graduated, I cannot express how meaningful it is to be recognised and to feel the belief in my creative vision.” She continues, “The foundation’s encouragement has pushed me beyond my own expectations. This was my first important step in the field, and I will cherish this memory forever.”

Trypillian culture, spanning circa 5,500 BC – 2750 BC in what is modern-day Ukraine, represents an important chapter in southeast European history. At GemGenève, the Strong & Precious Art Foundation brought its heritage to the forefront through modern interpretations of decorative art. Numerous attendees remarked on the distinctive and striking designs showcased at the “Beyond Time” exhibition, noting the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. The body of work presented by Strong & Precious designers is continuously expanding, with the introduction of fresh talent being warmly received by both press and guests at GemGenève.                                                              “Struktura” ring by Komendat

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