Actress In “Six” Loves Show’s Pop Vibe

Kelly Denice Taylor – Kelly Denice Taylor portrays Jane Seymour in the musical “Six,” which is playing at the James M. Nederlander Theatre. Photo provided by Broadway in Chicago.
Kelly Denice Taylor – Kelly Denice Taylor portrays Jane Seymour in the musical “Six,” which is playing at the James M. Nederlander Theatre. Photo provided by Broadway in Chicago.

Actress In “Six” Loves Show’s Pop Vibe

By Tia Carol Jones

Kelly Denice Taylor got into theater by performing in a marching band and color guard at a young age, then going on to performing in musicals in middle school and high school. Taylor is portraying Jane Seymour in the musical “Six,” at James M. Nederlander Theatre through July 14th.

The musical “Six” tells the story of the wives of King Henry VII: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr. The music, book and lyrics were composed by Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow, in the style of a pop concert. It premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and on the West End in 2019. In 2022, it won a Tony Award for Best Original Score and Best Costume Design in a Musical.

Taylor’s experience in the performing arts continued when she worked with Disney Cruise Line. She described her experience as exciting and a lot of work, but overall, it was fun for her to wake up in different locations. The Los Angeles-native has been living in Chicago for the last four years.

This is Taylor’s second time being part of “Six.” She auditioned in July 2021. It was her first audition after the pandemic. “Six” was a show that Taylor wanted to be part of for a while because she really loves singing pop music and thought she was perfect for the show, given its pop feel and the comedic timing. She also liked that the cast was diverse. She joined the cast February 2022 as an alternate, covering three different queens, in the first National Tour.

“I’ve made my Broadway debut with this show and now I’m a principal with Jane Seymour, so I just play one wife … full time,” she said.

Taylor describes Jane Seymour as grounded, who doesn’t speak much but when she does, she speaks her truth and is very firm in her beliefs. Taylor said that Seymour is known as being the wife that really loved King Henry VIII, for whom she bore a son.

Taylor’s favorite songs from the musical are Heart of Stone, Jane Seymour’s solo number, and Don’t Lose Ur Head. Heart of Stone reminds Taylor of the music she listened to growing up with her mother. She said the music is very reminiscent of Whitney Houston and Brandy. She likes Don’t Lose Ur Head because it reminds her of Avril Lavigne and Punk inspired music.

“This show really serves a purpose to so many demographics and so many different types of people. I always hope the young girls who come and see the show are made aware of the fact that their voices matter in history and they can be so much more than what people want them to be historically, like wives and homemakers and mothers,” Taylor said.

Taylor added that it is funny the way history has been rewritten about the six wives of King Henry VIII, because they were so much more than just wives and had so much more value. She hopes that young women who come to the show see themselves on stage and realize they can do so much more than they realize.

Taylor knows people are going to laugh because the show is really funny. She also hopes they see the good and the change the show has and is trying to make. She said the show has been very well received and has been very clear on its intention.

The James M. Nederlander Theatre is located at 24 W. Randolph St. Tickets cost $39.00 - $134.00. To purchase, visit or call 312-977-1710 for group sales.

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