Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO Automation Workz, Selected as Finalist for National Black Chamber of Commerce Famous Amos Pitch Competition

Ida Byrd-Hill. PRNewsFoto.
Ida Byrd-Hill. PRNewsFoto.

Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO Automation Workz, Selected as Finalist for National Black Chamber of Commerce Famous Amos Pitch Competition     

DETROIT, PRNewswire -- Automation Workz has spent the past 3 years leapfrogging Black residents into middle-skilled tech jobs as these careers pay a median annual salary of $70,000 - $110,000, enough to move a Black family out of poverty. While the US Census Bureau shows the US poverty rate is 11.6%, the poverty rate is 37.4% for single Black woman with children.

Currently, Automation Workz offers certification training programs that catapults learners from beginners to experts in IoT Tech Support, network engineering, tech project management, cybersecurity operations. Automation Workz has proven Blacks are capable of successfully completing rigorous Cisco training. Their highest graduates are earning $130,000 albeit the average graduate salary is $67,250, "To see learners move from an average hourly wage of $17.74 to $62.50, solidifies why designated Automation Workz as a top cybersecurity boot camp 2 years in a row," states Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO Automation Workz.

Their secret weapon is the vision boarding app, Life Culture Audit. Historically excluded individuals, who frequently experienced daily racism — including racial slurs, poor store service or forms of stereotyping — had 2.75 times the risk of poor subjective cognitive functioning than residents who experienced lower levels of daily racism. Unaware of this cognitive fatigue, historically excluded individuals, often struggling with reading tech jargon, believe they do not have the ability to complete longer term or highly technological training necessary for high-paying tech careers.

 Individuals input goals and select pictures within the Life Culture Audit app. Those pictures are populated onto a one-page vision board and can rearranged, made larger or smaller based on the priority in their life

The Life Culture Audit vision board, when reviewed daily, changes what they 'SEE,' thus changing their thoughts and beliefs. Many learners had never heard of nor completed a vision board before attending tech training. However, 75% of Automation Workz learners were motivated by the Life Culture Audit app to complete rigorous tech training.

"I so am excited to be a Finalist in the National Black Chamber of Commerce Famous Amos Ingredients for Success Pitch Competition for an award of $50,000. It is awesome our value is being recognized during this AI and Electric Vehicle age," exclaimed Ida Byrd-Hill.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce® is the largest Black business association in the world and is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the National Black Chamber of Commerce has 200+ chambers across 40 states and 50 nations serving 200,000 businesses.

Ida Byrd-Hill has 30+ years of professional business experience in HR, Executive Search, Finance, Social Responsibility, Technology and Wealth Management. She also leads the West Michigan African American Tech Readiness Collaborative. Ida is a graduate of University of Michigan - Ann Arbor with a BA Economics and Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University with an MBA specializing in People Management/Strategy.  Byrd-Hill is author of 8 books, including Invisible Talent Market-Solving the Talent Shortage Without Outsourcing and Visas. She serves as a Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Director and member of Electric Vehicle Jobs Academy, German American Business Council, NABJ, NMSDC and SHRM.

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