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The Tequila Brand Pays Homage to Iconic One-Shot Scenes, and One of The Hardest Working Moments in Film History                        

LOS ANGELES, PRNewswire -- Gran Coramino Tequila has launched a new brand campaign with the debut of their anthemic film "Club Coramino," to celebrate their brand mantra, "Hard Work Tastes Different". The ultra-premium tequila brand launched in 2022, founded by comedian, entertainer, and businessman Kevin Hart and 11th generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann, and created with Global Brand Equities and Proximo Spirits.      

"Hard Work Tastes Different" celebrates the ethos that Kevin Hart follows and mirrors his widely known position as the "Hardest Working Man in Hollywood." Gran Coramino was born from two creators at the top of their craft, joining together to create a Cristalino and Añejo tequila where their hard work is evident in every delicious sip.

"I live by the Gran Coramino value that 'Hard Work Tastes Different' and challenged my team to show that in the most epic way possible in our first brand campaign," said Kevin Hart. "The 'Club Coramino'      film not only pays tribute to all the hard work that has gone into crafting and supporting Gran Coramino Tequila, but it is a reminder to everyone to celebrate our shared hard work and our resulting achievements."

The campaign pays tribute to the cinematic style of Goodfellas with an homage to one of the most complex scenes ever shot in cinematic history – the iconic one-shot date scene. The film stars Kevin and his wife Eniko Hart on their own date night, also features a surprise cameo from Michael Imperioli.

To bring this vision to life, Gran Coramino teamed up with director Sam Washington and Hartbeat, Hart's global, multi-platform entertainment company. The creative and production for the Club Coramino anthemic film was led by PULSE, Hartbeat's branded entertainment studio and marketing consultancy. Their shared vision for the campaign was to be aspirational, authentic, and inclusive – just like Gran Coramino. To shoot this difficult scene, they paid tribute to legendary clubs, by creating a sleek and exclusive nightclub named "Club Coramino." While working alongside distinguished cinematographer Federico Cantini, the team were able to successfully pay homage to the past in a creative modern way.

"I was honored to take on the challenge when Gran Coramino and Hartbeat contacted me about this iconic project," said Sam Washington. "Working with a comedy genius such as Kevin and a seasoned actor like Michael was incredibly exciting, but most importantly, I wanted to create a space and give them a working environment to do what they do best. While we wanted to fold comedy into this campaign, the challenge was to ensure that it aligned with the brand and the script in hand. It was an intricate scene to capture but we accomplished it through hard work."      

 The "Club Coramino" anthemic film debuts today – a few days prior to Labor Day Weekend, a holiday that historically has celebrated the country's dedication to hard work. People can watch the campaign film on Gran Coramino's YouTube and

For more information on Gran Coramino, please visit and follow @GranCoramino on Instagram.

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