Karina Brez Launches the Cowgirl LUV Collection, a Tribute to America's Majestic Mountains

Western charm meets everyday luxury in Karina Brez’s new signature collection, Cowgirl LUV, which echoes the vibrant landscapes of the USA
Karina Brez
Karina Brez


Karina Brez Launches the Cowgirl LUV Collection, a Tribute to America's Majestic Mountains 

Western charm meets everyday luxury in Karina Brez’s new signature collection, Cowgirl LUV, which echoes the vibrant landscapes of the USA. 

New York, NY -- A tribute to the untamed spirit of the American West, renowned equestrian jewelry designer Karina Brez unveils her latest signature collection, Cowgirl LUV, an ode to the inspiring mountains and cities that grace the landscape of the USA. The collection pays homage to the rugged beauty of the American West, featuring stackable rings that artfully symbolize various mountain ranges, and a thoughtful double entendre, with each mountain range doubling as a cowgirl name, embodying the spirit of adventure and independence. 

Honoring the majestic Sierra Nevada, the towering Denali, and the legendary Mount Whitney, Karina Brez has crafted six distinct stackable ring styles that encapsulate the essence of these monumental peaks. The Sierra Nevada, often referred to as the "Range of Light," stretches majestically across California and Nevada, offering a panorama of breathtaking peaks and valleys. Its snow-capped summits and ancient forests have provided an enduring muse for artists and adventurers alike. Within the Cowgirl LUV Collection, the essence of the Sierra Nevada is captured in delicate yet powerful Sierra stackable rings, each echoing the natural contours and sublime beauty of this celebrated mountain range. Denali, standing tall as North America's highest peak, commands a profound presence in the Alaskan wilderness. Its icy, towering façade looms over a landscape of untamed wilderness, a testament to nature's raw power and resilience. In Cowgirl LUV, Denali's spirit is channeled through its namesake designs that reflect its stoic grandeur, allowing wearers to carry a piece of this majestic peak with them, wherever they may roam. Mount Whitney, a sentinel of strength and endurance in the Sierra Nevada, holds the distinction of being the highest summit in the contiguous United States. Its towering prominence and commanding views serve as a testament to nature's capacity to inspire and humble. Through Cowgirl LUV, the essence of Mount Whitney is captured in Whitney stackable rings that echo its towering majesty, inviting wearers to embark on their own personal ascents, both in style and spirit. Together, the Sierra Nevada, Denali, and Mount Whitney represent more than just geological formations; they are living testaments to the indomitable spirit of the American West. Karina Brez has masterfully translated this spirit into jewelry that embodies the resilience, strength, and untamed beauty of these iconic mountain ranges. Within Cowgirl LUV, nature's wonders continue to inspire and captivate the hearts of all who venture forth. Each ring captures the spirit and grandeur of its namesake, offering wearers a tangible connection to these natural wonders. 

“A cowgirl is a strong, resilient and confident woman, and it was important for me to create a collection that embodied the untamed beauty of America through the spirit of the American Cowgirl,” says Karina Brez. 

Combining elegance with a nod to the Wild West, Karina Brez's artistic vision extends beyond the mountains, celebrating beloved American Western cities and states with five captivating hoop earring styles: Montana, Aspen, Dakota, Sedona, and Dallas. Known as "Big Sky Country," Montana boasts vast open spaces, rugged terrain, and an undeniable sense of freedom. The Montana Diamond and Turquoise earrings in the Cowgirl LUV collection evoke the grandeur of this state with their open, airy design reminiscent of the endless horizons. Renowned for its elegant ski resorts and alpine charm, Aspen, Colorado, is a place where sophistication meets the untamed wilderness. The Aspen Diamond and Turquoise earrings in the collection embody this unique blend of refinement and nature with their intricate, slope-like design. The Dakotas are known for their wide-open plains, prairies, and the enchanting Badlands. The Dakota Diamond and Turquoise earrings in Cowgirl LUV embrace the simplicity and rugged elegance of this region, with a design reminiscent of the rolling hills, reflecting the untamed beauty that defines the Dakotas. Arizona's Sedona is celebrated for its striking red rock formations and spiritual energy, alongside its nod to luxury with its world-famous spas.  The Sedona Diamond and Turquoise earrings are a tribute to the unique energy, natural beauty, and opulence of Sedona. The heart of Texas, Dallas, embodies the vibrant spirit of the Lone Star State with its blend of modernity and Western tradition. The Dallas Diamond and Turquoise earrings in the Cowgirl LUV collection capture the city's cosmopolitan flair with their contemporary, urban design. “Turquoise is often used in Western-style jewelry and accessories, making it a staple in cowgirl fashion. Its bright blue hue adds a pop of color to outfits, complementing other Western elements like leather and silver. It is a symbol of tradition, and a nod to the enduring legacy of Western fashion,” says Karina Brez. The jewels embody the essence of places cowgirls roam and ride, allowing wearers to carry a piece of their adventurous spirit wherever they go. 

Karina Brez's meticulous attention to detail is evident in every piece of the Cowgirl LUV collection. The jewelry showcases exquisite turquoise, which provides a vibrant, authentic touch to each creation. Complemented by delicate pink sapphires and dazzling diamonds, the jewels exude luxury, allowing every cowgirl to experience opulence in their everyday life. 

For more information about the Cowgirl LUV collection and to explore the full range of Karina Brez's equestrian designs, visit karinabrez.com.  


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