The Far South Side Hospital was recognized by The Lown Institute among a small number of hospitals for community investment in excess of tax breaks and will host a free community closet on April 29 in celebration 

Chicago, Ill. -- The Roseland Community Hospital (RCH) on the far South Side of Chicago, 45 W. 111th Street, has been ranked as a top leader in Chicago for community involvement, especially in the nonprofit sector, by The Lown Institute Hospitals Index. A new report from this independent healthcare think tank has announced Roseland Hospital spent more on charity care and community investment than the estimated value of its tax exemption in 2020, giving the hospital what the Institute refers to as a “fair share” surplus. Roseland has been ranked #2 in Chicago, one of only 413 nonprofit hospitals out of more than 1700 evaluated to have a “fair share” surplus. 

“Given the growing crises in medical debt and chronic disease, we need hospitals to give their fair share now more than ever,” said Vikas Saini, MD, president of the Lown Institute. “The hospitals topping our list have proven they have what it takes to be great community partners.” 

Fair Share Spending is one of many metrics on the Lown Institute Hospitals Index. The Lown Institute calculated fair share spending based on 2020 IRS Form 990 by comparing the estimated value of hospitals’ tax exemptions to the amount spent on financial assistance and meaningful community investment—including community health improvement activities, contributions to community groups, community building activities, and subsidized healthcare services. 

“The rankings and evaluations by the Lown Institute are beyond reproach,” RCH President and CEO Tim Egan said. “While other ratings agencies have ulterior motives and continuously move the goals posts, the Lown Instituted is truly focused on the patient and community benefits offered by hospitals across our country, especially those in the most challenged and hit hardest by COVID.” 

To celebrate this recent recognition, Roseland will host a free community closet event beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 29. Located outside in the hospital’s parking lot, residents will have the opportunity to browse new and gently used items such as adult and children's clothing, shoes, household and craft items, as well as hygiene and toiletry supplies. 

RCH opened in 1924, nearly 100 years ago, with a mission to provide high-quality healthcare services to the residents of Roseland and surrounding community areas. RCH have been committed to improving outcomes for Roseland and far southside communities for a long time. For the last decade, CEO Egan, has upheld the Hospital's mission. Just this year alone, Roseland opened “The Roseland Reserve”, a free community pantry that has served over 150 residents since its inception, donated 40 spring baskets to a local middle school in the Roseland community and just this past month alone, distributed over 200 free dinner hams and hot meals in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, along with 300 boxes of diapers from a local partner to its community residents. 

To learn more about Roseland Community Hospital and its ongoing initiatives throughout the year, please visit     

The Lown Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility is a signature project of the Lown Institute. It’s the first ranking to measure social responsibility of more than 3,600 U.S. hospitals nationwide and applies never-before-used metrics such as racial inclusivity, avoidance of overuse, and community benefit alongside traditional outcome and safety metrics. Learn more at 

Roseland Community Hospital is the community’s integrated and coordinated healthcare choice, where professional caregivers provide quality services on the path to recovery and overall wellness. For almost 100 years, the Hospital has provided high-quality healthcare services to the residents of Roseland and surrounding neighborhoods. 

To learn more about Roseland Community Hospital, please visit or call 773-995-3000.   

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