Firstline Brands Launches Satin Sleep Collection in Partnership with Karma's World Entertainment

Karma's World Teal Satin Pillowcase
Karma's World Teal Satin Pillowcase


Firstline Brands Launches Satin Sleep Collection in Partnership with Karma's World Entertainment 

The collection was released under Firstline's Camryn's BFF line for girls and tweens.  

HOUSTON, Texas, PRNewswire -- Firstline Brands, the leading textured hair accessory company in the U.S., furthers its mission to innovate high-quality haircare and fashion items with the launch of its Karma's World© Satin Sleep Collection under its Camryn's BFF® brand for girls and tweens. 

The collection is the brand's first release under a groundbreaking licensing agreement with 9 Story Media Group and Karma's World, the hit animated Netflix series executive produced by Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges and inspired by his oldest daughter. Karma's World follows 10-year-old Karma Grant, an aspiring musician with enormous talent and an even bigger heart. 

The Karma's World© Satin Sleep Collection by Camryn's BFF® is an assortment of satin bonnets and pillowcases made with non-abrasive, high-quality satin in three fun, vibrant, and coordinated prints that inspire sweet dreams and leans into the series' focus on issues such as self-expression, creativity, and identity. 

"We immediately recognized how closely aligned Karma's World is to Firstline's values for Camryn's BFF. What I love about this partnership is the opportunity to combine our expertise in developing elevated haircare accessories and tools with Karma's lovable and confident personality. Positive, colorful, bold, and beautiful like Karma, the assortment educates girls and tweens about healthy haircare practices that are incredibly important as they come of age," said Joni A. Odum, President and CEO of Firstline Brands. 

"We're excited to partner with Firstline Brands to expand the Karma's World universe. 9 Story Media Group's main goal is to align with brands that speak to the representation and inclusive storytelling embedded within the groundbreaking series. Firstline's new product offering of the Karma's World Satin Sleep collection of bonnets and pillowcases is truly innovative, and we can't wait for kids to see it," said Kyra Halperin, Co-Vice President, 9 Story Brands. 

The Karma's World© Satin Sleep Collection by Camryn's BFF® is available TODAY on and in beauty supply stores across the country: 

Karma's World© Satin Pillowcase - Available in Black, Teal, and White Prints ($9.82)  

Designed with luxuriously smooth satin, the Karma's World Satin Pillowcase by Camryn's BFF® is the superlative option for protecting her hair during sleep. Its non-abrasive fabric minimizes hair breakage, reduces frizz, and maintains natural moisture to promote healthy hair. 

Karma's World© Satin Bonnet - Available in Teal and White Prints ($6.99) and Available in Reversible Black Print with Fuchsia ($7.99) 

Karma's World Satin Bonnet by Camryn's BFF® is the ultimate hair protector. This soft bonnet, made of non-abrasive, high-quality satin will help retain her hair's natural moisture while keeping it secure and intact during nighttime wear. Great for protecting all hair types and styles. 


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