Ladies of Virtue Launches "This Black Girl" Campaign

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Ladies of Virtue Launches "This Black Girl" Campaign  

– Campaign to Showcase Inspirational LOV High School Seniors & Alumni – 

CHICAGO, PRNewswire -- In celebration of Women's History Month, Ladies of Virtue (LOV) is proud to announce its "This Black Girl" campaign in recognition of the impressive achievements of Black girls nationwide who have triumphed over obstacles to become successful, confident, and purpose-driven leaders. "This Black Girl" will highlight inspiring stories throughout the month of March, focused on high school seniors and alumni who have emerged as community role models and serve as an inspiration for younger generations.  

"At the heart of this campaign is the fact that Black girls have dreams, and it's our goal to amplify our amazing LOV seniors and alumni who have excelled despite challenges— demonstrating that barriers can be broken down and glass ceilings can be shattered," said LOV Founder Jamila Trimuel. "We will focus on compelling and motivating stories that celebrate who our seniors and alumni have become and how they got there." 

The "This Black Girl" campaign launched on March 1, with a strong social media presence, with followers encouraged to share the stories and celebrate the successes of LOV high school seniors and alumni. Trimuel hopes the campaign not only inspires young Black girls, but also motivates individuals to support the organization's mentoring program for girls ages 9 to 18. 

As a leading mentorship and leadership program in Chicago, LOV understands the impact mentoring has on academic success, engagement in extracurricular activities, and connections to new opportunities. According to, quality mentoring relationships have a positive effect on young people across personal, academic, and professional situations. Mentoring demonstrates personal growth and development, as well as social and economic opportunity, yet one in three young people grows up without this critical asset. With more than 2,000 girls and their families assisted to date, LOV is committed to supporting and uplifting 400+ additional Black girls in 2023 to become trailblazers. 

LOV's mission is to instill purpose, passion, and perseverance in girls ages 9 to 18, preparing them for college and careers while also building their confidence to become change agents within their respective communities. The program matches girls with mentors who help them build character, prepare for their chosen career path, and make a difference in their communities. Upon graduation, the girls become "LOV for Life" alumni and receive continued support and guidance for an additional six years. 

"I founded LOV after understanding that many Black girls feel their voices aren't heard, or concerns aren't addressed, and I was determined to change that," said Trimuel. "LOV represents a safe and supportive space where girls can flourish and achieve their dreams. It's my hope that 'This Black Girl' campaign will draw even greater attention to our cause while also inspiring our next generation to be change-makers in their communities." 

Founded in 2011, Ladies of Virtue (LOV) is the leading mentoring and leadership program for Black girls in Chicago, with a mission of instilling purpose, passion, and perseverance in girls ages 9 to 18. For more than 10 years, the organization has empowered Black girls in underserved communities by building their confidence for college and careers, while simultaneously preparing them to become change agents in their communities. They are the only Chicago-based organization to offer a community-based model that integrates culture, one-on-one mentorship, group mentoring, leadership development, and mental health support exclusively for Black girls. LOV has been recognized by The Obama Foundation, the University of Chicago, and the Chicago Innovation Awards. 

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