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BALTIMORE – Acclaimed author and attorney Ronald Richardson released a new version of his 2006 book, Oneness With God. It delves deeper into his theological exploration of the mysteries of God, including the concept of being created to be mirror images of Jesus Christ and his conviction that God orchestrates the timeliness and uniqueness of his vision.

Richardson, the first recipient of the Agape Gospel Academy literary award presented at the Apollo Theater in February 2007, is a successful Black attorney practicing at the Murphy, Falcon & Murphy law firm in Baltimore.

Every spiritually reborn child of God becomes a member of the Spiritual Body of Christ,” says Richardson in an interview. “They are, therefore, one with God. Any right to self-identity is forsaken for a perfect oneness with God. They can only be what Jesus is because he is 100% in them, and they are 100% in Him.”

Learn more about all of the Biblical topics discussed in his book at Richardson’s website:

In the Introduction to the book, Pastor Lyman Isaac Doster, writes, “I found this book captivating and enriching with biblical information that will educationally heighten followers of the Christian faith. Not only is its content filled with detailed information, but Mr. Ronald Richardson’s testimony was enlightening. It is obvious he put concentrated study into critical issues affecting Christian culture. His presentation comes across as honest and straightforward.”

Further, Pastor Doster adds, “Reading this book will spiritually encourage and strengthen the believer’s understanding of the faith. It will be clear God does not overlook Mankind because of imperfection; however, God expects a sincere effort from Mankind to demonstrate love to and trust in Him through our recognition of Yeshua HaMashiach. I am absolutely convinced the reader will find a personal and spiritual satisfaction reading this book.”

In the book, Richardson explains how his union with God began. He expounds upon new interpretations of scripture that will amaze and excite even the most ardent Christians and prepare the reader for the expansion of his original themes, which even some Christians may consider on the edge of modern theology. While Richardson is a proud African American, he insists that his race has no bearing on his relationship with God or his unique spirituality.

“Being Black has not affected my view of God in any way,” Richardson says. “Every spiritually reborn child of God is loved by Him regardless of race. My view of God would be the same no matter my skin color.” Asked why more Blacks don’t see God as he does, Richardson replies, “It is not so much that Black people do not see God the way I do. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will see God as I do. Race is not a factor in this discussion.”

In the book’s Prologue, Richardson explains how and why he became deeply engaged with God. In 1983 he got another law student pregnant. They didn’t have an intimate relationship and broke up shortly after the woman had an abortion. It troubled Richardson.

“My relationship with the mother of the unborn child ended shortly thereafter,” Richardson writes. “I am convinced that the abortion had something to do with our parting of the ways. I thought that this would have enabled me to have a fresh start, but it was only the beginning of my sorrows. I was always somewhat fearless, to the extent that I tried to meet all challenges head-on, regardless of the consequences, especially if I thought I was right. The problem was I could not convince myself that the abortion was right. In fact, I became increasingly convinced that I had committed a great wrong. This was not something that I was going to be able to shrug off. It nagged at me at every turn.”

Richardson adds, “My situation was dire. I recalled Yeshua’s promise that He would take on our burdens and forgive us our sins. I had to personally go before my Lord and Savior and put my faith in His promises on the line. I had to confess my sins and seek His forgiveness. If I was going to give all that I am to Yeshua, I had to have a face-to-face, heart-to-heart talk with Him. I could then tell Him how much of a mess I have made with my life and that I am totally relying on Him to keep His promises to forgive me unto salvation… So, in deep contrition, I got on my knees and asked Yeshua into my life.”

In an interview with iDefine TV on Roku, Richardson says, “Read the Bible daily. Get as close as you can to God through his word, and then let the Holy Spirit inspire you. I think you will find that if you listen to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis he will guide you. He will encourage you to help somebody out, to forgive, or to do the things God's love would do in a situation as opposed to letting your flesh control your actions. The Holy Spirit will control that. But that requires a close relationship with him…Communicate with him, have a relationship, and you will find that the Holy Spirit will guide you.”

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