Suzy Levian Reveals the Story Behind the Secret Diamond



Suzy Levian Reveals the Story Behind the Secret Diamond 

From a 500-year-old legacy of jewelers, Suzy Levian is the first woman in the family to start her own business. 

New York, NY -- The jewelry industry is known for its multi-generational ties, where traditions and legacies are passed down to children and grandchildren. For centuries the trade was male dominated, with this past century being one of glass ceilings being broken. Founding the first woman-owned jewelry business in the family, Suzy Levian is on a mission to empower, encouraging women to love themselves. Each of her pieces incorporates a hidden diamond within the band— the Suzy Levian signature secret diamond. 

Creative powerhouse, business owner and mother of six, Suzy Levian inherited her passion for design from her father. After working in the family business with her brothers, Suzy felt the need for greater creative expression, forging her own path as the first woman in her family to create a branded line. Celebrating and embodying female empowerment, she designs affordable jewelry for all to enjoy. 

Beginning with colored pencil sketches, Suzy draws her own original concepts, with every design in the collection drawn by Suzy. Renowned for her gem intensive compositions, her work is recognized for its boldness and spirited symbolism. Initially debuting with high end one-of-a-kind jewelry, Suzy has expanded her collections in price ranges affordable to all women. Her success pushes the boundaries beyond jewelry, and she has since launched collections of handbags, scarves, sunglasses, and home décor. 

The Suzy Levian signature look incorporates a secret diamond hidden within each jewel, reminding every woman that there is a secret diamond hidden within themselves.  A fresh and literal reminder of one’s strength and power hidden in plain sight, Suzy Levian says, "Everything changed for me as soon as I let my inner secret diamond shine through. The secret diamond is a reminder to face the world with courage and determination, not accepting the limitations of history. It sparkles for each woman as she makes history.”   

A commitment to philanthropy is a cornerstone of the Suzy Levian brand. Donating over 10% of the proceeds from each piece to various charities and organizations, Suzy Levian is dedicated to partnering with those who give back. Suzy Levian empowers women to buy for themselves, and for each other, celebrating the milestones of life. To shop, visit, 516-918-9998, or email  

Suzy Levian is the youngest of the five children of Mr. A. LeVian, the founder of LeVian Corp. While working with her brothers at LeVian Corp., Suzy opened her own business, with the goal of empowering women through beautiful, affordable jewelry designs for all. Her signature collections are renowned for their breathtaking juxtaposition of gemstones and curves. Passionate and energizing, Suzy Levian creates provocative, elegant accessories catering to women invigorating their inner power. 

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