Revitalized Jet Magazine Cover Announced: Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole

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Revitalized Jet Magazine Cover Announced: Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole 

After 63 years and thousands of issues, JET printed its last magazine in 2014, but today it is announced that the iconic publication is back in print and we would love to have you reveal that Pinky Cole is the cover star! 

JET Announces Limited Print with Iconic Pinky Cole Cover & Collector’s Issue Pinky Cole, the famed CEO & Founder of Slutty Vegan known for changing the world with her vegan comfort food, philanthropy & activism, makes history by gracing the cover of JET with the release of a highly curated Collector’s Issue. 

The culturally significant and beloved publication returns to print for this limited release only and splashes onto newsstands with cover star and “Beauty of the Week” Pinky Cole. This special issue chronicles Cole’s breathtaking journey redefining the American Dream, shaping culture, her tireless activism with The Pinky Cole Foundation, building a $100 million-dollar vegan empire while simultaneously raising a family, and a whole lot more. 

“I am so thrilled to be featured on the cover of JET!” says Cole. “Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up reading every inch of every issue that I could get my hands on. Now here I am on the cover and as their iconic ‘Beauty of the Week.’ This moment is so personal and special to me because in many ways, JET helped shape who I wanted to become and who I am now. As I look back at myself as a kid, I want every little girl out there to know that dreams do really come true.” 

JET has a rich history of celebrating excellence and culture. Founded in 1951 by John H. Johnson and currently owned and operated by the Bridgeman Family, JET was a mainstay in primarily Black households across America. JET chronicled Black life in America and provided a lens into the African American community that mainstream media either ignored or misrepresented. 

“JET is like family, and people tell me frequently that they miss JET coming to their house every week. But because of technology, the weekly print magazine business model doesn’t make as much sense now as it did 25 years ago, hence the reason JET ceased printing in 2014.” – Daylon A. Goff, President of JET. “When Pinky and I connected randomly last summer at a concert, I mentioned that I’m a fan of her movement, and she mentioned that she’s always dreamed of being in JET. Given that Pinky and JET are all about building community and highlighting culture, we thought that this limited collector’s issue is a great way to fuel and ignite our combined audiences with this partnership.” 

Pinky Cole joins a list of iconic JET cover stars, including Academy Award-winning actors, Grammy Award-winning music legends, world leaders, and Titans of Industry like President Barack Obama, Muhammed Ali, Aretha Franklin, Kendrick Lamar, Nat King Cole, Richard Pryor, Octavia Spencer, & Michael B Jordan to name a few. 

JET’s focus on "Moving Black Forward with speed and purpose" mirrors Cole’s own mission of promoting social justice and creating opportunities for marginalized communities. JET recognizes Pinky Cole’s contributions to culture and as a role model for the next generation of entrepreneurs and activis

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