‘Stay Well HBCU Campus Tour’ aims to keep college students healthy this homecoming season

 ‘Stay Well HBCU Campus Tour’ aims to keep college students healthy this homecoming season

Milwaukee, Wis. – After two years of canceled events because of
COVID-19, homecomings are back in-person at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the country. To keep students and alumni healthy as they celebrate, the “Stay Well HBCU Campus Tour,” hosted by the “We Can Do This” campaign, which recently released the “On Point” TV spot as seen on CNN, will visit campuses in multiple states.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things on and across
HBCU campuses since 2020,” said Kenneth Washington, who serves as
the sports marketing coordinator for the tour. “Most HBCU campuses’ response to the pandemic and vaccinations have been second to none, and as a result, HBCU campuses, events and gatherings are starting to become a norm again. The ‘Stay Well HBCU Campus Tour’ aims to amplify those efforts across campuses and HBCU communities we touch.”

Each tour stop will include a vaccination drive, interactive experiences, and fun rallies. Every stop will distribute HBCU prize packs, branded tailgate games and on-site information to inform the community of the benefits of the COVID-19 Vaccine. Vaccinations remain the most effective measure in preventing serious COVID-19 cases, as they decrease the risk of hospitalization and reducing the emergence of variants.

The “Stay Well HBCU Tour” will stop at several HBCU homecoming events this fall, including:
SWAC Championship in Jackson, Miss. on Dec. 3
Celebration Bowl in Atlanta, Ga. on Dec. 17

The tour ’s official brand partners, in addition to the HBCUs,
include Twitter, AT&T and Champion sportswear. For more information,
visit staywellcommunityhealthfairs.org. You can also stay updated via
Facebook and Instagram.

The “Stay Well Health Fair and Vaccine” events are designed to bring health-related resources to Black communities across the country. The “We Can Do This” campaign is partnering with local health agencies and community-based organizations in select cities to continue educating Black communities and make vaccine resources more accessible. For more information, visit staywellcommunityhealthfairs.org. Stay up-to-date by visiting Facebook and Instagram.

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