Partners with Climate Justice Activist for a PSA

 NEW YORK, PRNewswire -- As we enter a new year, we are running out of time to curb the harmful, lasting impact of climate injustice and environmental racism in North America and around the globe. Climate inequity systematically decreases the life spans of communities of color, and the World Bank estimates that 68 to 135 million people could be pushed into poverty through climate inequity by 2030. Despite these alarming truths, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has historically done little to stop this environmental racism. This is why – one of the largest organizations
for young people and social change – has partnered with climate justice activist Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer) for a public service announcement (PSA) that encourages young people to
share their visions for a greener future based on the environmental inequities they see in their own communities.

“My work explores the intersection of style, sustainability, and social justice, so environmental racism is a critical issue that
is close to my heart,” said Mayer. “For far too long, industries from fashion to fossil fuel have carried out practices rooted in the exploitation of labor, the environment, and marginalized communities around the world.

I know that young people care deeply about correcting climate injustice, so I am honored to partner with on this solutions- oriented campaign to activate their membership
of more than 5 million young people. Grassroots movement building– especially with youth– is key to making a difference.”

The PSA is part of Do- Something’s “See Us, Hear Us: Climate Justice” campaign, activating young people to envision a greener, more equitable future and provide potential solutions to climate injustice in their communities. These personal stories and solutions are reflected on the first-ever Youth Map of Climate Injustice to illustrate the need for legislation and regulations to address climate-related issues. The map and the
stories will be shared directly with the EPA to help push the organization toward meaningful action.

“I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and many houses near me are at a very high risk of flooding if the sea raises just a few inches. This is a major injustice to the homeowners who are taking on all the costs themselves of sea-level rise.

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