Lil Yachty And Terrell Owens Invest in PlantFuel®

New Plant-Based Nutrition Brand Announces Strategic Investment From Rap Superstar Lil Yachty And NFL Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver Terrell Owens
Terrell Owens, PRNewsFoto/Plant Fuel
Terrell Owens, PRNewsFoto/Plant Fuel

Lil Yachty And Terrell Owens Invest in PlantFuel®
New Plant-Based Nutrition Brand Announces Strategic Investment From Rap Superstar Lil Yachty And NFL Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver Terrell Owens

 PlantFuel Life Inc. (CSE: FUEL) (OTC: BLLXF) (FSE: BR1B) (“Plant- Fuel” or the “Company”), the scientifically focused plantbased wellness company, today announced that Lil Yachty
and Terrell Owens have made a strategic investment in the
emerging sports nutrition brand coming to market in early September. The commitment of Lil Yachty and Terrell Owens to the Company and its innovative, premium plant-based brand
further strengthens PlantFuel’s breakthrough into the nutritional retail sector.

“I’m super excited about my new venture with PlantFuel,” said rapper and entrepreneur, Lil Yachty. “It’s brands like PlantFuel that inspire and allow me to stay actively involved creatively beyond just investing.”

PlantFuel marks Lil Yachty’s second deal with Scoop Investments, the rapper’s newly launched VC fund with his
music manager and advertising exec, Adam Kluger. Scoop’s
recent $1M investment in the members-only, Jewish dating
app ‘Lox Club’ back in June 2021, was Lil Yachty’s first step into venture capital which he did alongside Kluger and rapper Bhad Bhabie. In addition to PlantFuel and Lox Club, Yachty hopes to close on several more investments by the end of 2021. Legendary NFL Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens,
also joins the ranks of Lil Yachty and Scoop Investments
as he explores new revenue generating avenues outside of professional football.

“As everyone knows, throughout my professional career I’ve been in phenomenal shape and extremely conscious about what I put in my body,” said former NFL Star Terrell Owens.
“From Day 1, I was thoroughly impressed by my exploration of PlantFuel and its products. I am excited about my partnership with PlantFuel and delighted to join their team.”

PlantFuel is an all-new, premium Plant Fueled® nutritional supplement brand that aims to deliver the absolute best-possible products available, successfully bridging the gap between healthy, plantbased nutrition and peak performance – and that does so with eco-conscious and responsibly sourced packaging. The brand’s category-leading Performance Protein supports strength and recovery through its Performance Protein, a tri-blend of 20g of vegan and plant-based proteins
that contains all nine essential amino acids, and is fortified with performance mushrooms, algae, BCAAs and caffeine from known suppliers.

“At PlantFuel, we understand that simplicity of ingredients is a top priority for consumers looking to reach peak performance without compromising their health,” said Brad Pyatt, Founder
and CEO of PlantFuel. “Unlike other protein supplements on the market, we pride ourselves on providing clinically proven plant-based nutrition that doesn’t compromise on performance
and taste. Backed 100% by science, PlantFuel’s benefits range from better workout success and faster recovery to immune defense and maximum hydration, giving everyone the opportunity to use PlantFuel products in their daily life.”

PlantFuel will launch 5 new products including: All-in-One Pre-Workout, All-in-One Nutrition, All-in-One Recovery, Performance Protein, and Daily Immunity and Hydration, is available online at, and official store launch is
Wednesday, Sept. 8.

PlantFuel Life Inc is a scientifically focused plant-based wellness company managed by a group of leading entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in the areas of consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

The company’s founder, Brad Pyatt, is a former National Football League (NFL) athlete and nutrition industry veteran. Based in Canada, PlantFuel Life, Inc. is a CPG life science company focused on the plant-based foods and supplements
industry. For more information about Plant Fuel® products follow us on Twitter at @realplantfuel, or visit

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