Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Launches Third Annual Seeds Of Beauty Campaign

Fleurs de Prairie
Fleurs de Prairie

 Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Launches Third Annual Seeds Of Beauty Campaign

     Fleurs de Prairie, the premium rosé wine brand, has announced the launch of the third annual Seeds of Beauty campaign, a program aimed at uplifting women who are making a difference by way of their passions, whether that be through art, design, food, writing and beyond.
     This year, the Seeds of Beauty initiative will award three women with $10,000 “Seed Grants”, double the amount given in year’s past, and provide business mentorship for their individual endeavors.
Fleurs de Prairie’s Seeds of Beauty campaign is designed to support women’s passions, ideas and small businesses. Interested applicants are invited to submit an online submission form at www.fleursdeprairie.com/seeds-of-beauty.php or mail-in handwritten materials by Friday, July 23 for consideration.
     A panel of judges will review all submissions, evaluating how each female creator plans to use the funds to help grow their business and how they foster beauty within their community.
     Following careful consideration and a final vote on social media open to the public, Fleurs de Prairie will announce the three winners on Wednesday, September 1. Selected recipients will receive their $10,000 grant along with one-on-one mentorship from this year’s brand ambassadors Caila Quinn and Grace Atwood.
     “Following more than a year of challenges and unprecedented uncertainty faced by many female-owned small businesses, we’re honored to continue to help women turn their passions into a reality,” says Liz Rubin, brand manager of Fleurs de Prairie. “Fleurs de Prairie rosé embodies an expression of true beauty and our goal with the Seeds of Beauty campaign is to provide a platform for female creatives who make the world even more beautiful.”
     Visit www.fleursdeprairie.com/seeds-of-beauty.php to apply for a seed grant and learn more about Seeds of Beauty’s submission rules and regulations. For the latest updates, follow along on social media at @fleursdeprairie.
     For more information about Fleurs de Prairie, please visit www.fleursdeprairie.com.

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