Auburn Gresham-native to open OB/GYN practice

11/4/2020, noon
A new medical practice, Contemporary OB/GYN Chicago, is set to open and will begin accepting patients on Tuesday, Dec. 1.
Dr. Mia Layne described Contemporary OB/GYN Chicago as a women-focused, patient centered medical facility. Photo courtesy of Mia Layne, M.D.
 Black OB/GYN to open medical practice

     A new medical practice, Contemporary OB/GYN Chicago, is set to open and will begin accepting patients on Tuesday, Dec. 1.
     Mia Layne, M.D., a fellow of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, is the owner and medical director of Contemporary OB/GYN Chicago. It will be located at 2007 S. State St.
     Layne graduated from the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign and received her medical degree from Meharry Medical College, in Nashville, Tenn. Her OB/GYN residency training was done at Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University. Layne came back to Chicago and for three years, she was at Little Company of Mary Hospital.
     Layne said she found there was a void in women’s healthcare that she wanted to fill.
     She said she wanted to create a medical office for women who use all insurance plans, whether private or public—and where patients are afforded the same opportunities to receive healthcare “in a calming and relaxing environment.”
     Layne described it as a medical practice that will pride itself in being the premier women’s wellness oasis — a place where women can come and all the stressors are taken into consideration and are attempted to be removed from that visit. She said it would include the ease of scheduling an appointment and the opportunity to complete paperwork before coming to the appointment.
     “There would be features in the waiting area that will help women become relaxed during their appointment. Even the details, such as when you’re in the exam room, wanting to have calming music to relax yourself before some of the anxiety of a pelvic exam arises, or the anxiety of talking about something you might consider to be private or difficult to discuss with a stranger,” she said.
     Layne has even thought about the patient’s comfort when it comes to the choice of fabric for the gowns, opting for cloth instead of paper, which can be uncomfortable. There is also certain mood lighting to calm and relax the patient. She said she wanted to make sure everything in the office is patient centered.
     “My focus, as a physician, is to always let my patients know this is their care that we are talking about. I’m just a team member and they are also a part of the team, and everyone else that provides their care is, too. And so, we work together to create their healthcare plan,” she said.
     Layne said the void she saw in healthcare existed in situations where there were not many facilities offering a women-patient centered experience, or where there wasn’t access to that type of medical facility. She said she wanted to increase her accessibility to women of Chicago, especially minority and African American women, due to the current state of healthcare.
     “In the state of Illinois, African American women are four times more likely to have complications, or even die, during pregnancy, in childbirth or in the postpartum period,” she said. “So, for me, offering a medical space where women of all ethnic backgrounds will feel safe to receive their care, was important to me, as well.”
     Layne added that she is eager to share that healthcare vision with the women of Chicago. Appointments are open now. To schedule an appointment, visit www.obgynchi.com.