With the Help of our Ancestors We Can Heal and Say “We CAN Breathe!

6/24/2020, noon | Updated on 6/24/2020, noon
What we are experiencing now, is rooted in our past and will affect our future. Because our present experience is ...
by the Rev. Morrice Coverson Pastor, Church of the Spirit and President/Founder, Institute for Positive Living

It is time that all human beings are able to breathe. “Let us breathe!”

BlackLivesMatter is a tool that can help us realize that we are collectively one. By joining together in this movement, we are coming together to say, “Let us breathe!”

I hear the ancestors saying, “Now is the time! It is time for the separatism that has been here since we were brought here as unpaid workers and slaves to cease. It is time for the separatism that caused lynchings during Jim Crow to go unpunished and race massacres like the one that destroyed the Black Wall Street district in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 to be forgotten, to cease.

It is time for us to come together collectively as one and say ‘Let us breathe!’ It is time for us to come together and say:

‘Let us breathe!’

‘Let us breathe!’

‘Let us breathe!’

And continue to say this until each one of us can say, ‘I CAN breathe!’

And all of us together can say, “We CAN breathe!’”

Our ancestors hold no animosity for the transgressions of the past, which saw the European man refusing to understand and recognize the value of others. I hold no animosity.

Instead, I heed their counsel. For I know, that with the help of our ancestors in spirit, we can find the healing that will help us all come together and say, “We CAN breathe!”

It is with this hope and knowledge that the ancestors guide us. They tell us that NOW is the time to make changes that are good. For every young person that walks in protest, there is an ancestor who walks with them, an invisible friend protecting and guiding them.

Those who have caused havoc in our communities were not listening to the beat of the ancestors, but to the rage that is inside of them. Even though in America there have been 400 years of racism and 400 years of African Americans being killed, the ancestors do not condone the destroying of the community. Instead they say that it is time for this ugly chapter of American history to be over.

“It is over!” they say. “Let us recognize that we are all one! Let us turn ‘I cannot breathe’ into ‘I CAN breathe!’ Let us turn ‘We cannot breathe!’ into ‘We CAN breathe!”

The ancestors know that the journey to welcoming African Americans to sit as equals at the table; to have a voice at that table, has been a long one. And they know that the journey is not done. They want us to know that they are with us every step of the way. They are whispering to our young people: “Keep going! Demonstrate, but don’t destroy!”

George Floyd is one of the ancestors now. His death on earth created a movement that has the momentum to erase the stain of racism and write a new story, With the help of George Floyd and all the ancestors and the efforts of those who march for #BlackLivesMatter and do the hard work, we will march together into a society, a country, and a world, where each individual can say, “I CAN breathe!” and all of us can say “We CAN breathe!”