12/23/2020, noon
Whitney B. Hampton is the founder and owner of Hampton Real Estate and Investments, CEO of Urban Community Builders (NFP), ...
Whitney B. Hampton is the owner of Hampton Real Estate and Investments, CEO of Urban Community Builders (NFP), and lead broker and team leader at A. Progeny Global. Photo courtesy of Whitney B. Hampton
 Real Estate Strategist empowers others

     Whitney B. Hampton is the founder and owner of Hampton Real Estate and Investments, CEO of Urban Community Builders (NFP), and lead broker and team leader at A. Progeny Global. Hampton uses her platform to empower people to cultivate wealth through homeownership and property ownership.
     “My brand is all about empowerment and education,” Hampton said.
     Hampton mentors other real estate brokers and helps them to make six figures in real estate. She said she launched Hampton Real Estate and Investments because she thought it was really important to empower the Black community to understand the real estate process, whether her clients are buying, selling or investing, so they can continue it.
     “Real Estate is one of the best ways to grow wealth in our community, but we have been locked out of that in a lot of ways, from the beginning of time with the laws originally locking us out of it. Then, we often have trouble finding financing,” she said.
     Hampton said a lot of times, real estate brokers of color are at a disadvantage because they can’t go into neighborhoods where it would be the most profitable. What she does with Hampton Real Estate and Investments is to make sure people can be profitable, so they can live a good life, and rebuild the communities that need the most help.
      Hampton said the most important thing people need to know when it comes to generational wealth building and homeownership is that people need to own. She said it is imperative that people own property and homes.
     “A lot of us, the way we create wealth is through ownership of real estate. If we’re not getting in the game, then we’re setting the next generations up for failure, to have to start at the ground, instead of being able to build on what we’ve created, the foundation that we’ve built,” she said. “So, it is imperative that we get in the game, in whatever way that is. If it’s owning a single-family property or multi-unit buildings. I am a huge proponent of purchasing cash flow buildings, those are multi-units.”
     Hampton said as a first-time buyer, there are programs and grants so that people can purchase a multi-unit building, with practically no down payment, out of pocket.
     “The process to homeowning is nowhere near as difficult as people think that it is,” she said. “It’s just important that you reach out to professionals you trust that really care about you and the community.”
     Hampton said there are so many real estate professionals that care about the community, that want to educate and rebuild. She said the first step is to connect with a professional that can guide someone through the process, with a team of resources, to make sure it is being done the right way.
     Hampton started her podcast Wealth Building Wednesdays because she wanted to highlight phenomenal Black-owned businesses. She said it is an opportunity to get people to know more about these businesses so they can support them. She said in the last year, it has grown to include people who can assist in creating wealth.
     “We have tax accountants that come on, and talk to us, not just about filing your taxes, but what are tax strategies you need to have,” she said. “Just talking about a variety of different things that are important to us in order to be successful, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and socially, as far as our family.”
     Hampton said for young Black people who are interested in investing, they need to do their due diligence and do their research. “You want to make sure you understand what you’re investing in. Whether that’s real estate, whether that’s the stock market, whether that’s a business. You want to know exactly what you’re getting into,” she said. “Ask questions. But then, find mentors. One of the ways that I’ve been able to be successful, not only in real estate, but in my personal endeavors is that I seek out mentorship. I look for people who are doing what I am looking to do, I look for people who are doing much better than I am doing and instead of being envious or saying, oh, I wish I had, I just talk to them about what they had to do to get it.”
     For more information about Whitney B. Hampton, visit www.whitneybhampton.com.